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Armstrong Williams's Clinton Clairvoyance

I like Williams. I like his style of in your face commentary - all mean and angry.


In this video blog from his perch on thehill.com we get the inside story from Williams on the reason Hillary is still in the race -- she's just trying to pay off her campaign debts.

This was posted April 25, 2008 and Williams conveniently ignores the fact that on April 23rd Hillary Clinton raised $10 million in the 24 hours following her Pennsylvania victory. She now holds the record for online donations in one day. Ron Paul is in second place. Barack Obama is in third. Clinton's momentum is building.

So why is Williams spinning? Good question, one clue may lie in the fact that this is the same Armstrong Williams who was paid $240,000 by the Bush administration to shill for "No Child Left Behind"

In January 2005, USA Today reported that documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that Williams had been paid $240,000 to promote the controversial No Child Left Behind Act. Williams was hired "to promote the law on his nationally syndicated television show and to urge other black journalists to do the same"

I wonder who's paying the freight for Williams's shilling this time?

Check out his act - it's a riot.

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Comments (2)

Armstrong is often full of it, but always entertaining.


The Williams video was pretty good.

Do I detect a slight traverse (from thou) Obama-ward?

It's the Social Democratic thing to do ;-)

Anyway: I'm relieved to see that Armstrong has dropped the fedora. (Remember the hat back in the 90s? Gawd!)


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