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Bobby Jindal: Is he the GOP Anti-Obama?

UPDATE: Speculation that McCain would give Jindal the nod increased with McCain's visit to New Orleans yesterday, but Jindal is saying forget it, McCain won't ask.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he loves being governor and plans to run for a second term, dismissing rumors that U.S. Sen. John McCain might want him as the GOP candidate for vice president.

"He's not going to ask," Jindal, who spent Thursday morning with McCain in New Orleans, said during a later solo stop in Monroe. Talk of Jindal as a vice-presidential candidate began earlier this year and intensified with McCain's visit to New Orleans on Thursday.

At this stage Jindal's denial is really meaningless - anything can happen this far away from the convention..

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Bobby Jindal: Is he the GOP Anti-Obama?
March 23, 2008

He's the GOP Change Agent, and Rush Limbaugh loves this guy as McCain's VP.

The "Hardball"interview below took place October 25, 2007. It'll give you a taste of who Jindal is and where he hangs his hat.

This second clip is a Louisiana TV commentary that unabashedly gushes over Bobby Jindal for his small government, open and honest approach and "success" out of the gate as LA Governor, pushing for and achieving major reforms in his first legislative session.

Louisiana Family Forum Action Executive Director Gene Mills and Former La Senator Dan Richey offering political commentary as featured weekly on "Baton Rouge Today." New Governor Jindal's first Special Session was impressive, productive and good for Louisiana!

Here's the New York Times article mentioned towards the end of the commentary.

Six weeks into the term of Gov. Bobby Jindal, an extensive package of ethics bills was approved here this week, signaling a shift in the political culture of a state proud of its brazen style. Mr. Jindal, the earnest son of Indian immigrants, quickly declared open season on the cozy fusion of interests and social habits that have prevailed among lobbyists, state legislators and state agencies here for decades. Mostly, he got what he wanted.

Mr. Jindal, an outsider to that rollicking if sometimes unsavory banquet, a Republican with a missionary's zeal to smite Louisiana's wickedness at one of its presumed sources, called on the Legislature to reform itself and its high-living ways.

Grudgingly, pushed by public opinion and business pressure, it went along. When the legislative session ended Tuesday, lawmakers had passed bills aimed at making their finances less opaque, barring their lucrative contracts with the state -- some have been known to do good business with them -- and cutting down on perks like free tickets to sporting events. The bills, which advocates say will put Louisiana in the top tier of states with tough ethics rules, now await Mr. Jindal's signature, which should come early next week.

Mr. Jindal overcame resistance by convincing lawmakers that no job growth would occur in the state until it cleaned up its act and brought its ethics laws into the national mainstream.

Jindal switched his religion from Hindu to Catholic, and in his race for Louisiana Governor last November, a four-way race which he won handily with 54% of the vote, the Louisiana Democratic Party launched an attack against Jindal's religious affiliation, drawing particular scrutiny to comments Jindal made in a paper he wrote titled "How Catholicism Is Different."

And I love this comment by Jindal. He was left with this impression after attending a Protestant Service:

"I was disappointed by a mildly interesting sermon delivered by a part time preacher who reminded me of, and may have been, a used car salesman; the cheap theatrics failed to entertain, much less inspire me."

He'd certainly fit right into the race for the White House.

Here's the Democratic Ad that failed to head off his election:

And Rush Limbaugh remarks:

"I did an interview with Bobby Jindal. He is the next Ronald Reagan, if he doesn't change. Bobby Jindal, the new governor of Louisiana is the next Ronald Reagan. ...He's the guy that beat the liberal Democrat machine throughout Louisiana. He did it on 100% conservatism."

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Comments (11)

Firstly, as a protestant I'm not offended. I've gone to plenty of church services led by used care salesmen (my one long time pastor really *was* a former car salesman) that failed to impress.

Secondly, I don't see Jindal as a viable VP candidate because, believe it or not, Republicans really do figure someone should have some experience first. They aren't just saying that to wrongly attack Obama.

Next time or in 8 years for President, maybe. And I think that his becoming governor was probably for the purpose of presidential positioning.

Same with Pallin as far as experience goes. She seems impressive but she's new to governorship, too.

Steve Crickmore:

Jindal is very bright but as is customary of a new religious convert he is quite critical of atheists, multiculturalism, John Rawl and his liberal 'Theory Of Justice' presumably because Rawls suspends God..One reason I like Obama is because he the only major candidate of the three major candidtes, who supports the constitutional underpinnings of agnostics or atheists, and that takes no little courage in today's climate.


so lee, do you like this guy or not? on the one hand he is unabashedly religious and conservative (please note that those two terms are not synomous). on the other hand, he has successfully pushed ehtics reform in a state notorious for corruption. he also has more hands on experience in health care politics and government policy that all 3 current candidates combined.


2 other comments....

as a life long protestant (Lutheran), i too have had my share of pasters that have failed to impress. one of the main reasons that i am not currently a member of any church. one of the strengths and weaknesses of protetantism is the variety in training and quality of the priesthood.

secondly, i find it amusing that the democrats had to go back to an article apparently written in 1995 to find things to criticize Bobby for. i just glanced through the article in The Rock and nothing reached out and smacked me as inappropriate given the context of the publisher.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Do I like the guy? He seems likable enough.

Would I vote for him? No.

I think Bobby Jindal is a sharp young man with a bright future in his party - sort of like Barack Obama, if he had the substance to back up the political skills.

But Jindal, also like Obama, is only just beginning his political career. He needs - and deserves - the time to earn his way up with good governance, though. He is lacking in the requisite experience.

Also, and it is important to consider the electoral map, McCain should carry Louisiana rather readily. If he needs help there, he's hopeless.

I still believe Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be the choice. It's still a battleground state, he has conservative credentials, he has worked with and around a Democratic legislature, and he endorsed McCain early and stuck with him through the period when his candidacy seemed doomed.


There's no way Jindal is on McCain's list. Number 1, McCain will carry Louisiana handily. Number 2, the biggest thing the Republicant's will harp on in the general is Obama's relative inexperience. Jindal has been governor of Louisiana for what, 4-5 months? If McCain was smart, he'd go with Romney or what about Schwarzenegger?


Oops, nevermind, that was dumb. Arnold can't be VP. Not that I agree with that stipulation.


Interesting. I doubt it has or ever would ever become an issue, but I just researched and found out that the Constitution also bars a President and Vice President being from the same state. So we can officially rule out Jon Kyl, John Shadegg, and the embattled Rick Renzi. Also the popular, yet defeated, congressman J.D. Hayworth.

I would first like to point out that the "Dimocrat" Party of Louisiana, chaired by a most despicable individual, Chris Whittington, set the campaigning bar at a new LOW ( http://louisianaconservative.com/?p=226 ) when they blatantly took WORDS out of context from college writings to attack our new Governor. Even long time Dem's were appalled by these actions, as Whittington claimed 100% support for his disgraceful attempts to gain a runoff position for his "cardboard cutout" candidate. It became even worse when it was discovered that the worst Governor in Louisiana history, Dimocrat Kathleen Blanco, helped finance the despicable campaign ad. ( http://louisianaconservative.com/?p=262 )

Governor Jindal will NOT abandon his state with such history making improvements taking place in a state so badly in need of these changes. The Democrats came close to cementing this state at the bottom of the abyss, but Governor Jindal, very much a Gift, has turned Louisiana around in remarkable fashion. His successes are being shouted around the country and after his first or second term as Governor, he will make a great choice to be President.


At first glance, I thought the whole Jindal consideration was to balance out age and ethnicity. However, after reading and listenning to this governnor, I am sold, hooked and have been converted. The accomplishments this guy has in the 37 years he's lived is out of the world incredible. He's got this rare package of logic, values, intelligence, ethic and he can articulate his message and vision in such a down to earth and clear demeanor. I would have to agree that this guy's had more inexperience with changes and healthcare then Hillary, Obama and Mccain combined. I think with Jindal on economic, healthcare, reforming gov and Mccain on military and foreign affairs matters.....this is a great pair for the country today.


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