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Clinton is More Electable than Obama

The Associated Press reporting on an AP-Ipsos poll released just today:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a better chance than Barack Obama of beating Republican John McCain, according to a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll that bolsters her argument that she is more electable in the fall than her rival for the Democratic nomination.

The survey released Monday gives Clinton a fresh talking point as she works to convince pivotal undecided superdelegates to side with her in the drawn-out Democratic primary fight.

Clinton, who won the Pennsylvania primary last week, has gained ground this month in a hypothetical head-to-head match up with the GOP nominee-in-waiting; she now leads McCain, 50 percent to 41 percent, while Obama remains virtually tied with McCain, 46 percent to 44 percent.

And Clinton is holding onto the 5 point bump she's experienced in the Gallup daily tracking poll, which raised her from 42% to 47% since last Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary. Obama has dropped 4 points during the same period, from 50 to 46.

UPDATE: Another indication of Obama's fall from grace is the Newsweek poll released this weekend. Last week, on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, Obama had a 19 point lead. Less than one week later Obama's lead has shrunk to 7 points.

Of even greater concern is that the poll repoirts that a whopping 42 percent of the registered Democrats polled say they will not vote for Obama if he's the nominee.

One of the more problematic results for Obama was that four in 10 of registered voters (including Republicans and independents) now have an unfavorable opinion of him--and the same number said there is "no chance" they will vote for Obama if he becomes the nominee. Four in 10 registered voters (41 percent) say they have a less favorable opinion of Obama based on his association with his former pastor, Wright, whose racially and politically inflammatory sermons have been circulated on the Internet and covered in the media. A similar number (42 percent) say they will not vote for Obama because of comments he made about "bitter" small-town residents clinging to guns and religion.

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You a citing a Ipsos-Reid poll? Give a me break...it is the most Dem bias poll there...but if it suits your dubious purpose....


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