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NC Governor to Endorse Clinton

Governor Rendell was a big help to Clinton in Pennsylvania, and Clinton needs the same kind of boost in North Carolina, and it looks like Governor Easley will provide that boost.

A person close to North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley tells The Associated Press he will endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

Easley is a Democratic superdelegate who has served as the state's governor for two terms. His decision comes despite several recent polls showing Clinton trailing rival Barack Obama ahead of the state's May 6 primary.

Of course Clinton needs superdelegates, but having a strong campaigner to help her with her North Carolina campaign is key. She'll get exactly that with Governor Easley.

Governor Easley is a former John Edwards supporter.

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It is certainly significant. I doubt the value of endorsements generally, but the publicity of a popular Democratic Governor bucking the media-meme "trend" to endorse Clinton when Obama supposedly enjoys a large lead in the state - which the same meme has declared "insurmountable," setting up Clinton for a win in the expectations game by merely coming close - is just the sort of thing she needs to close the gap in the state.

Obama has often tended to poll better than he draws real votes, for whatever reason. Combine this with the Easley endorsement and a general Clinton momentum (the latest AP-Ipsos has her up 9% vs. McCain as Obama is still tied, reinforcing her "stronger candidate in November" argument), and who knows?

If Clinton were to somehow win BOTH NC and IN, it would be over for Obama.

Unless she can be convinced to withdraw first, of course . . . ;-)


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