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Wright and Obama and Delegates

Now that Barack Obama is truly denouncing Reverend Wright, and trying to distance himself further in no uncertain terms... is he prepared to give up all of the delegates his former association with Wright helped him to gather?

Like it or not, but Barack Obama would not be in the lead in the delegate count were it not for his strong support among African-American voters - support which can be traced in part to Obama's past association with Wright, and to his continued defense of Wright in his Philadelphia race speech 6 weeks ago. He may have thrown his white grandmother under the bus in that speech, but he stood up for his nutty uncle Jeremiah Wright, and used his association with Wright for another six weeks to gather votes and delegates.

It isn't surprising that Obama would now be using words like "outraged" over Wright's preachings, but Obama wasn't outraged when his association with Wright was winning delegates for him - now was he? Now that Wright has become a political liability, it's 'under the bus' with him.

So renounce those delegates as well, Barack, now that you agree that it's time to quit trying to steal the nomination by pandering to racists like Wright and his supporters.

If Democrats in all of those past primaries could re-vote today would Obama still receive as many delegates as he gathered in the last four months? Obviously not...

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Comments (4)

Wright is probably the best hope for the Clinton campaign at this late stage. Rev. Wright is obviously old and mentally disturbed, but as long as Obama is blamed for his mentslly rantings, it hurts his campaign. Whether it helps Clinton enough to chamge the delegate math is aood question.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Barack Obama has done an amazing job of mishandling the entire Wright affair.

It demonstrates extremely poor crisis management skills -- but I suppose we could hope for four years of no crisies while Obama is in the White House...

or we could make a better choice.


Could you clarify a bit on what you are trying to say with this post, Lee? You say that Obama has large support from the African-American community somehow because of Rev. Wright? Seriously?

Are you trying to say that 90% of African-Americans are backing Obama because Jeremiah Wright thinks the US government created AIDS to destroy minorities? Really? Seriously?

As a non-idiot, I think 90% of African-Americans back Obama for the same reason 90% of Mormons backed Mitt Romney.

I might be wrong.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I didn't say 90% -- but initially Obama 'wasn't black enough' for the African-American voting bloc, and they were split between Clinton and Obama.

Obama proceeded to pander to the AA voters, beginning in South Carolina. Suddenly Obama was criticizing the bamboozling of the black voters, and oh my -- remember the outrage over MLK? It was all pandering, racist bullshit.

Bill Clinton was right, and Obama kept on pandering, going so far as to tsk tsk his nutty uncle "Reverend Wright the Racist" six weeks ago as he threw his white granny under the bus, and then threw Geraldine Ferraro under the bus for having the audacity to tell the truth, etc.

It got him lots of votes, and lots of delegates. But if backfired, and started raising more doubts among white voters, fueled further by Obama's Bittergate.

Obama was dancing pretty fast, and it caught up to him - so now he backtracks and throws Wright under the bus -- instead of doing it six weeks ago -- now that he's scored more delegates as the result of his pandering.

Delegates gained by pandering to his racist crazy uncle and the hallelujah chorus of voters behind Wright, and the thousands of like-minded black voters nationwide. You don't see black church leaders criticizing Wright, and now that they've delivered the votes to the pandering Obama, Barack's decided its now ok to throw away his nutty uncle.


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