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The Audacity of Insanity

Barack Obama's spiritual guide and mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright is certifiably looney, and it took Obama twenty years to figure that out?


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How long did it take Obama to "figure out" Ayers? A looney pastor is one thing, an unremorseful bomber is something totally different. Do any liberals think Republican 527's are going to give this a pass?

Here is an interesting anecdote to the Obama / Ayres non relationship.


Wright was useful... to a point. That point's been reached.

Now he's being discarded like a used Kleenex - but that's one tissue that's not going into the wastebasket without a fight!


I've only disagreed with 3 things Wright has said (that I know of).

1) Jesus was a black man
2) Black children learn differently
3) We're all Africans

Inventing AIDS? The US Army is the world's largest depository of biological agents for the purpose of synthesis into weapons form. Everything from bubonic plague to the ebola virus is cultured. The 9/11 anthrax scare was traced to Fort Dietrick, MD before the investigation was abruptly halted. Definitly grounds for suspicions.

Most good observers see the Wright-Obama tiff as a symptom of Wright's megalomania. It could be. But I lean toward a gentlemans' agreement between them of a faux public break-up. It was done toward the Rockefeller family by the Republican nominees from 1964 to 1980.


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