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Bitter Obamas Cling to their Arugula

Michelle Obama is out in the press, doing what she can to repair the damage her husband has done to her chances at moving into the second floor of the White House. She's busy today yammering on about how difficult life has been for the Obamas.

I guess two degrees from Harvard just aren't the 'leg up' it used to be.

The Obamas hope the "regular guy" narrative will resonate with the white working class voters that the Illinois senator has had trouble winning over and who may be the key to his White House bid.

Cast as an elitist by New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, his rival for the Democratic Party nomination, and John McCain, the Republican senator he could face in November's presidential election, Obama has turned to his wife to bolster his "close to the ground" credentials.

"We're a young couple with small kids with all the challenges and the emotions and the stresses that come with raising kids, like being a working mom," said Michelle Obama, 44, who is on leave from her job as hospital administrator and now divides her time between campaigning and raising the couple's two daughters -- Sasha, 6, and Malia, 9.

Though she is a Harvard-trained lawyer like her 46-year-old husband, she said the couple was not far from the years of paying off student loans and working to "keep up with bills."

The Obamas brought in $4.2 million last year
, according to their tax returns. Most of the money came from royalties on Barack Obama's two bestselling books. The couple moved into the millionaire category a few years ago, moving up from their previous six-figure income.

$4.2 million in income last year and they're working to "keep up with the bills"?

$4.2 million in income last year and they haven't paid off their student loans?

But I must be careful what I write in this blog post - it seems that Michelle's anger can get the best of her at times:

In an interview on NBC's "Today Show," Michelle Obama said she was sometimes angered by coverage of the campaign.

"I take the newspaper and I ball it up and I throw it in the corner," she said. "You don't want anybody talking poorly about the people you love."

Michelle doesn't mind when her husband talks poorly about those bitter Americans who are losing their jobs and their homes to foreclosure - guess she doesn't love us enough -- as if that wasn't obvious already:

The Obama campaign sees her as someone whose down-to-earth style goes over well with voters.

But she has stirred controversy, such as when she said in February: "For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country." Critics said the comment sounded unpatriotic and suggested she had not been proud of her country before her husband's candidacy.

I sincerely hope that the high price of oil and other economic woes the U.S. is experiencing isn't adversely effecting the price of arugula in the toney Hyde Park area of Chicago -- where Barack and Michelle Obama live in their $1.6 million mansion purchased with the assistance of indicted crook Tony Rezko.

If she gets angry and starts throwing things over newspaper articles who knows what'll happen if there's an arugula crisis....

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Yawn... Lee, c'mon. Please? You're making yourself look bad. This thing has been over for a while now. It's like a basketball game where the team down by 12 keeps fouling with 30 seconds left. I notice I'm the first to comment on your thread, even though you posted it 2 days ago. Is this really the best you can do to slam the Obamas? YAWN... again. I guess, if you want, we can start talking about Whitewater and Monica Lewinksy again, but why should we bother?

Well, actually, I thought about commenting on this... but figured I didn't want to be a pest over here on the Blue.

My thinking is that the Obamas are projecting their own feelings out - they're bitter, for whatever reason (and if THEY are bitter with all they've had going for them, then of COURSE we vast unwashed are bitter as well) so they're going to do what they can to 'remedy' the supposed causes of that bitterness.

But I don't think the vast majority of Americans run around going "Damn, I'm bitter about this, that, and the other thing" outside of political circles. I've got work and family and friends - I don't have TIME to be bitter over perceived, contrived slights!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If you'd listened to Reverend Wright for 16 years you might have a distorted view of white folks too.


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