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Michelle Obama Wants us to Feel Barack's Pain

michelle_obama_cnn.jpgIn a CNN story published this morning Michelle Obama wants us to understand just how much poor Barack has gone through with regards to his pastor Reverend Wright.

It appears that we may have been insensitive to Barack's needs, questioning why his relationship with Wright would extend for some twenty years yet, miraculously, throughout those twenty years Barack never learned of his pastors views towards America in general and white people in particular -- especially those bitter white folks in middle America who cling to their guns and religion. Michelle says it's time for us to move on... but first of course, we should focus on Barack's needs:

Michelle Obama said Wednesday that her husband's move to distance himself from his controversial former minister has been "painful," but that she's pleased with the way he's handled the situation.

Michelle Obama says her husband's campaign should be about issues, not the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"I was proud of the statement he made yesterday," she said in an interview with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux. "It was a tough thing for him to do -- it's a painful situation to be in."

Had the Wright controversy erupted in October instead of March, and her hubby been the Democratic nominee for President at the time, this nation would be stuck with four more years of Republican reign. This issue would have lost the election for Obama as well as many down-ticket Democrats, especially in the critically important moderate Democrat "blue dog" races. The ugliness of the Wright situation -- which Barack knew was out there like a ticking time bomb -- would have lost the election for Democrats for sure.

But we should pause to feel Barack's pain... over his mishandling of the entire Wright situation. It's time to focus on Michelle and Barack's needs right now...

"With all due respect, we're moving forward," she said. "Barack was so clear, and he's been so open about this issue, and he speaks for me as well."

With all due respect, America, your needs and concerns aren't important, so the Royal family is moving on....

But what's especially interesting to me is Michelle's suggestion that we focus on the issues. Barack Obama studiously avoided any discussion of the issues, adeptly side-stepping questions in debates by not talking about the issues for months and months, but talking about hope and change instead.

Where was Barack on the issues back in the months leading into the primaries? On nationally televised debates Obama -- instead of addressing the issues -- was piling on frontrunner Clinton as being disingenuous, and sending his attack dogs up against Bill Clinton for pointing out the extent to which Obama's historic candidacy mirrored Jesse Jackson's in those early months of 2008.

And where were "the issues" when Obama and his surrogates were throwing Geraldine Ferraro under the bus for speaking the truth about the extent to which Obama's success has relied on huge support among African-American voters?

When Americans wanted to hear about his stand on the issues, Barack Obama gave us plagiarized speeches about hope and change -- and when America wants to know why Barack Obama put Democrats' chances at regaining the White House in peril by his mishandling of the Wright situation.... Barack wants to talk about the issues instead.

After we feel his pain first, of course.

Well, as a life-long Democrat I'm feeling some pain right now. It's a pain stemming from the realization that just like back in 2004, we Democratic donkeys have a self-centered, egotistical jackass leading the Democratic race for the White House.

I feel the pain of seeing America sliding towards four years of Bush 2.0 due to the bad choices made by Barack Obama.

I'm feeling the pain, Michelle. Trust me -- all Democrats are feeling the pain borne from your husband's actions. I guess I'll just do as the Royal family suggests -- suck up my bitterness and cling to my religion, praying the Obamas haven't been too inconvenienced in the process.

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You are mean-spirited, Lee Ward. "Mean" meaning "small" and without charity of spirit... A perfect Robo-Feminist Clintonite. How DARE anyone try to STEAL YOUR entitlement to have a woman President first!! Why the very nerve of Obama and "his kind" makes you seethe, doesn't it? Twist the knife a bit more while you are at it.

No one who has really seen how women with power work is unfamilar with your gender's particular affinity for the switchblade in the back, or the kick in the groin when your opponent is down. Sugar and spice, right? Not after aging for 40+ years!

If it ever comes out that your candidate had more than just unbelievable good fortune in the sudden re-appearance of the Rev Wright at this point in the campaign - You'll have a ready excuse to blow off the significance of that too, won't you?

Those of us with memories longer than a "cat'o'nine tails" remember when the Iranian hostages came home "miraculously" the day after Ronald Regan won the election in 1980 and the man who was arguably the most honest modern politican to ever sit in the Oval Office was sent back to Georgia after one term...

The Mainstream Media had a lot to do with THAT one too - But not as much as Regan's secret meetings with the Iranians while still an unelected candidate for the Office of President.
He was rewarded for this back alley treason with an election win... and as they say, the rest is history.

Is Rev. Wright just another HRC play from the Repub's playbook? I can't help but wonder.

Lee Ward:

I can't recall the last time I seethed over anything, much less politics.

No one who has really seen how women with power work is unfamiliar with your gender's particular affinity for the switchblade in the back, or the kick in the groin when your opponent is down. Sugar and spice, right? Not after aging for 40+ years!

I've worked under female bosses about half of my career. Never had a problem anywhere close to what you've described, but both my ex-wife and my current girlfriend tell me that they've found it difficult to work for female bosses. Meow...

Mongo Frecht:

Baruch Osama does not believe what Rubberend Jerry Meyer Wright says. But his fatty can polish handler wants you to believe such things because it helps achieve their fatima mission.


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