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Fabricated Smear Attempt Against Clinton Revealed

UPDATE: The clip was scrubbed. time to break out the fingerprint kit and start tracing this dirty trick back to the source.

Don't hold your breath. The Obamedia wont be interested in picking this up -- they'll bury it instead.

As my political Karma would have it, the documentary "War Room," produced by Chris Hegedus and DA Pennebaker, arrived from Netflix today. It's the film that this Clinton smear attempt video clip was lifted, distorted, edited and foisted on the nice folks of Indiana and North Carolina - so I got to play the clip repeatedly.

I've edited hundreds of commercials and dozens of documentaries -- and I understand the medium. Based on my 20+ years of experience I can say without a shred of doubt that this absolutely is not a case of some Internet shlub making a mistake. This is a hit, a professional hit.

Damn, they do play tough in Chicago.

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Apparently the "hopers" will stoop as low as is needed to bring about (gufaw!) 'change' in Barack's dropping poll numbers -- even going so far as to fabricate outright lies in an attempt to smear Clinton.

Yesterday the YouTube clip embedded below hit the Internet. Turns out that it's a doctored, edited phony, as confirmed by the film's original producer.

Ben Smith, Politico: I just spoke to D.A. Pennebaker, the director of "The War Room," who said his film had been doctored to produce a widely-viewed YouTube clip.

In a clip from his film on the 1992 Clinton campaign, posted to YouTube today, Clinton advisor Mickey Kantor is -- according to subtitles -- seen referring to Indianans with an expletive and to his colleague George Stephanopolous with a racial slur.

"He does not say that. He does not say that," said Pennebaker, after viewing the clip.

He said the initial expletive referred to the anticipated reaction in the Bush White House to the fact that Ross Perot's polling numbers were holding strong.

"What he says is he's surprised Perot's numbers are holding," said Pennebaker in a brief phone interview. "He says they must be shi**ing in the White House."

The second expletive, he said, appeared to have been entirely fabricated, with new audio dubbed onto the original movie.

Pennebaker appeared surprised and amused by the video.

"A thousand people saw that film in theaters and didn't think" the second expletive had been used, he said. "It's very clearly understandable. It's not like it was in Bulgarian."

In an earlier version posted yesterday, the clip was circulating with a subtitle indicating -- Pennebaker says inaccurately -- that Kantor had insulted Indianans; the racial slur appears to have been added to the second version.

If the tables were turned and this was a smear against Obama, the Obamedia would make this little item front page news. As it is you won't see it anywhere but on political blogs and internet news sites.

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