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It Takes a Nation

Barack Obama talks about bringing the country together, and bridging the red and blue divide, but Hillary Clinton delivers it.

Republicans expressing a preference choose Hillary over Barack.


The next question is... Are they choosing Hillary because she's better, or do they figure she's easier to beat?

Answer: She's better - or as the folks in the red states like to say it -- she's the least objectionable (exactly what I've said about McBush).

In general, most Republicans (59%) seem to be rooting for the Democrat they perceive as the lesser of two evils -- 33% prefer Obama because they are more worried about Clinton being elected and 26% prefer Clinton because they are more worried about Obama being elected. Just 22% of combined Republican Obama and Clinton supporters can be considered strategic because their choice of Democratic nominee is mostly based on their perceptions of whom McCain has the better chance of defeating.

That makes the majority in America -- Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives, progressives, old-school, blue dogs, and tree huggers across the nation -- in favor of Hillary over Obama.

She'll bring the nation together.

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"The next question is... Are they choosing Hillary because she's better, or do they figure she's easier to beat?"

A combination of both and that she is a known quantity. Following 1976, conservatives and Reagan Democrats were anathema to another big surprise in the middle of a foreign policy challenge.

Clinton is a person conservatives know and can negotiate with; Obama is Carter redux, unknown and with the additional baggage of 1960's style incendiary radical politics and racial divisiveness.

Much has been made of the opinion that Hillary will destroy the Democrat Party by carrying here campaign into the convention. The Republican Party was not destroyed when Reagan carried his campaign to the convention in 1976. The Democrats are no less resilient. Reagan and Republicans prevailed for twelve years after the Carter victory and subsequent debacle. Does anyone think this historical lesson is lost on the Clintons?

Perhaps this is why the delegate and super delegate count is unresolved to date. Perhaps some of the level minded in the Democrat Party are thinking things over.


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