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Obama Isn't Ready to be President

From the Op-ed pages of the Boston Globe.

Mark gets it.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue is not just a distraction from Senator Barack Obama's campaign for president, and its importance is not as a reflection of Obama's own views. As a voter, I am looking for any and all indications of the candidates' character and leadership. It seems that Obama's strength, his ability to appreciate multiple viewpoints, is also a dangerous weakness when it degenerates into naive moral relativism and paralysis instead of action. If Obama has trouble handling the petty demagoguery of Wright, who just has a big mouth, how will he handle the truly dangerous demagoguery of tyrants such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who may back up their toxic views with violence and horrific weaponry? This gives me pause. more stories like this

Mark Sendor

I wrote the same thing back on March 15th after watching this.

Two items right up front. I didn't edit this clip - it's the only clip of last night's interview available right now on YouTube - and the inclusion of the news story clip depicting an African-American suspect preceding the Obama interview is clearly inflammatory, and typical of the right wing/ Fox News efforts to interject race as a wedge issue between Democrats. Not my choice, I have no other choice of clips available to me at the time of publication.

Second, it's no coincidence, I'm sure, that the pattern and tenor of the questioning in this interview, as conducted by Major Garrett of Fox News, is similar to the examination of a witness on the witness stand. The fact that Obama acquiesces and allows the interview to be conducted in this way is wholly un-presidential, and indicative of someone who feels powerless in this situation.

In this interview, Barack Obama is dripping with guilt, and is subjecting himself to this treatment because he's carrying a great degree of remorse, and is hoping for an absolution as an outcome of this catharsis. It's obvious from the very start of the interview.

We cannot have a President who subjugates himself in this manner. Having Barack Obama as President negotiate with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be absolute suicide for this country. The man is an orator, not a negotiator, and when faced with 'opposition' he yields power quickly.

This interview shows that the groundwork is being laid by the GOP to skewer Obama on this issue (and other issues as yet to be uncovered), and the fact that Obama has known about this powder keg for months, and Obama did nothing prior to yesterday to defuse it, is absolute incomprehensible for a man in his position. Here we have him figuratively 'on the witness stand' trying to defend himself, and placed there by his own inaction and fear.

He's not ready.

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Hillary broke through Barack Obama's increasing flood of superdelegate endorsement with the backing of NC governer Mike Easley. That's great, but I wonder why he chose to work in a homosexual slur in his two-sentence endorsement.


1. a violet, Viola tricolor hortensis, cultivated in many varieties, having richly and variously colored flowers.
2. the flower of this plant.
3. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a. a male homosexual.
b. a weak, effeminate, and often cowardly man.

Jesus, I hope Hill-dawg wasn't counting on any gay votes.

beverly Burrell:

Was George W. Bush ready, or better still is he ready now? I don't think so. Obama can express an intelligent thought. Has George W. Bush ever??


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