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Wright Could Cost Dems the Election

On the eve of the all-important Indiana and North Carolina primaries there are polling signs indicating that in addition to potentially leveling the Democratic nomination playing field, Obama's mis-handling of the Wright affair could cost the Democrats the election in November if Obama is our nominee.

In the survey, conducted after Obama held a news conference Tuesday in which he renounced his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, for making incendiary comments, most Americans said they approve of the way Obama responded to the episode and consider his criticism of Wright appropriate.

But almost half of the voters surveyed, and a substantial portion of the Democrats, said Obama acted mainly because he thought it would help him politically, rather than because he has serious disagreements with his former pastor. The broader effect of the controversy on Obama's candidacy among Democratic primary voters was less clear in the poll, but enough of them expressed qualms about Obama's relationship with Wright to suggest it could sway a relatively small but potentially important group of voters in the remaining primaries.

Republicans are watching closely as Obama falters:

Among Republicans and Democrats alike, Obama's turbulent time is raising questions about why he can't seem to put away Clinton after a 16-month primary fight and whether Obama -- in his first hard-fought race -- is prepared not only to go up against McCain this fall but also to withstand the rigors of the White House.

Republicans hope Obama will be damaged goods come the general election and McCain will have a stronger shot at hanging onto the White House in an extraordinarily difficult political environment. Most Americans disapprove of Bush's job performance and think the country is on the wrong track, while the Iraq war continues and the economy bears down on -- if it's not already in -- a recession.

The GOP now sees a glimmer of light -- a variety of Obama vulnerabilities they can try to exploit if he is the nominee.

One prominent Democrat who backs Clinton recognized as much.

Last week, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh raised the possibility that the GOP will use Obama's association with Wright to try to destroy his character in a general election as the pro-Republican group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to Democrat John Kerry in 2004. Said Bayh: "I'm sure the far right will be out there trying to do the whole `Swift Boat' thing."

Conservatives in Florida are counting on a McCain presidency as a result of Obama's bumbling:

If only 27 percent of America's voters have positive opinions of the Republican Party, and the GOP is less trusted to fix the economy than the Democrats, how in hell is it going to elect a president in November?


Down here, where George W. Bush got elected and re-elected with scores of 70 percent plus - and old colonels, the Christian right, and convinced conservatives live a kind of wary symbiosis - their combined wisdom says John McCain will beat Barack Obama because Obama has become unelectable.

"Thank God," one of those retired colonels said last week at a pasta dinner with five Republican friends and a visitor. Amused to think of themselves being portrayed as part of the American right wing's collective belly of the beast, they accepted a trade of anonymity for frankness.

Synopsis: Tuesday night's Democratic primary results would make no difference in the outcome. Obama would be the Democratic nominee. McCain would beat him in turn. The miserable economy, the war in Iraq, Bush's unpopularity? Sure, but:

For these conservatives, white and middle-aged, Obama has transmogrified before their eyes from a remarkable prestidigitator into a divine target.

For the Red Neck Riviera of Florida's Panhandle (or the Emerald Coast in the more genteel vocabulary of the tourist brochures) Obama has become so totally exposed - as a leftist, an elitist out of touch with vast segments of the white majority, a dubious healer saddled with disreputable friendships and unknown debts and obligations - that the colonel could say "McCain is seven strokes ahead on the back nine," and the presidency is in Republican reach.

If you are among those Democrats who still think Obama can pull off the general election look at how quickly Obama has fallen from grace in the last 6 weeks, and remember that we have still have still have about 22 weeks to go before election day in November, and Obama still has lots more votes to lose between now and then.

UPDATE: From the USA/Gallup poll released today:

Barack Obama's national standing has been significantly damaged by the controversy over his former pastor, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, raising questions for some voters about the Illinois senator's values, credibility and electability.[...]

In February, Democrats and Democratic leaners by 33 points said Obama had a better shot at beating Republican John McCain in November. Clinton is now seen as the stronger candidate by 5 points.

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I notice the Republican take is being fed via the neoconnish L.Zidoti and the IHT(NYT), both water carriers for the Israeli right and the Iraq Invasion. The citation of anonymous pasta-sipping colonels' on a lunch date in Florida strikes me as "colorful" as well as convenient. Perhaps inspired by a lost scene from Dr. Strangelove or Executive Action.

Again: McCain cannot recoup his unpopularity among Republicans by however many Democratic votes he attracts. Hillary supporters on the rebound will make the most of a bad situation and punish Bush by dissing his heir. It's very simple.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The US Media is so far into the tank for Obama that you can't find any objectivity anywhere. There is so much hand-wringing at the LA Times that is make Huff&Puffington4Obama pale by comparison, and MSNBC must be handing out hefty bonus bucks for writers who can creatively blame Clinton for Wright.

IHT has more 'truthiness' than the US media in my view, but international media is typically where you want to look for objectivity in regards to US political news anyway. The US media just can't resist being a 'playa'....


"The US Media is so far into the tank for Obama that you can't find any objectivity anywhere"

Basically. But Hillary is too risky to consider when there's a young Jimmy Stewart-Sidney Poitier-type whose main liability personally is that he goes to church on the south side of traditionally-segregated Chicago run by a former marine pastor who wears a dashiki and quotes a US ambassodor about "chickens coming home to roost". The "God damn America" loop has basically started wearing off on the loopers in media. Like FOX and T&A. Or Limbaugh and "penis" when that particular wall fell down in the 1990s.

"IHT has more 'truthiness' than the US media in my view"

IHT is owned and operated by the NYT and the WaPo but I cede your point that US media is the worst in the 1st World. McClatchy is good and thus ignored. Village Voice and The Forward trump the big papers regularly. Otherwise, it's Ha'artz or certain northern European or Anglo-Asian papers.



yeah his only problem is his pastor ... right ...

no problem with experience ...

no problem with his voting record ...

no problem with his real estate buddy Rezko ...

no problem with his pal Ayers ...

Oh, and what else did Wright say in his sermons ... something about the US Government creating AIDS to kill off blacks ? Or was it MARINES = TERRORISTS ? Or G D America ? Or was it the black kids learn different than white kids ...???

Don't get me started on his wife ...

I think this clip shows how the Obamas operate as a couple ...



McCain doesn't need to attract Democrat voters to defeat Obama.

Obama is singularly accomplishing something that Republicans, in their wobbly support of McCain, never dreamed off: a candidate more polarizing than Hillary Clinton.

Before Iowa, Republicans were focused on the task of defeating a liberal Democrat named Clinton. She was a known quantity, formidable and well funded. When McCain wrested the nomination from Romney, many conservatives were resigned to defeat. Then the real Obama showed up and Republicans have been busily passing the popcorn while watching the train wreck.

Have the Obama followers learned anything from the Swiftboat ads? Argue all you want about the Swiftboat vets, they went unanswered by Kerry, touched a nerve with the core conservatives and helped W to a 3mm vote victory. Your real problem is that, to paraphrase Lloyd Benson, Obama is no John Kerry, not even close with the likes of Wright and Ayres in his closet.


Note: I voted "Paul" in the primary and it looks like I will be voting "Barr-Libertarian" in November so I don't care which of the Big 3 wins. In fact I'd let Obama and McCain borrow my car for the day and I'd give a dying Hillary a drink of water and I'd call the ambulance for her (once billing protocol was agreed). None are in the same league as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Mao.

"...no problem with experience...no problem with his voting record ..."-jeff

Co-sponsored generally-hailed "Loose Nukes" Bill with R. Lugar (R-IN).

"no problem with his real estate buddy Rezko ..."-jeff

Obama is not mentioned in the Rezko affair court documents. Is he?

"no problem with his pal Ayers ..."-jeff

What was Ayers indicted for? I think the answer is "nothing". Ayers' background of the upper middle class draft-age college kid flirting with underground organizations as a form of personal requital for being a pansy, was repeated 1000s of times by 1000s of males in the late 1960s to poor effect, letting the women do the real work. Most are now public neocons such as Muravchik, Horowitz, etc. Many are in the second tier of GW Bush's administration today. Others, like Cheney, just hid under the bed with a TV Guide from 1965 to 1969. He's doing his requital now.

"Oh, and what else did Wright say in his sermons ... something about the US Government creating AIDS to kill off blacks ?"

I don't know, but the Tuskeegee Experiments illustrates even direr possibilities. As well as history. The Japanese had their Korean and Formosan guinea pigs. The Nazis had their Russian, Jewish, and Romany guinea pigs. The English passed out lethally-infected blankets to the Ottawa people. There were "racial hygiene" laws throughout the European world through the 1960s, in some cases where kidnapping newborns was policy as a way of stamping out "inferior" cultures and "habits". I think Australia just rectified their laws in the past 10 years.

But medically/bacteriologically? This film glances off the use of state prisoners as guinea pigs in an anecdotal way within the framework of the crime of the century. A double whammy for you self-induced pillow-headedness.


"Your real problem is that, to paraphrase Lloyd Benson, Obama is no John Kerry, not even close with the likes of Wright and Ayres in his closet.
Posted by HughS"

Your (and McCain's) real problem is:

1) McCain's STRANGE behavior during the MIA/POW hearings in the senate in 1992, making sure that his own (and thus all) POW files remain Strictly Secret because...

2) McCain was a DRV songbird and collaborator housed with defectors and deserters. He was given leave and prostitutes according to some. No one ever saw (or heard) of McCain actually tortured. He made that part up because he had to. Because only collaborators and songbirds AREN'T tortured.

3)McAmnesty has hired Mexican president Vicente Fox's advisor, Juan Hernandez, for his own campaign.


4)The Keating 5

5)Wacky wife stole drugs from her own childrens' charity. Attempted cover-up via squashing a good samaritan by John. Media expose. Felony charges dropped due to McCain's influence peddling.


McCain doesn't need to attract Democrat voters to defeat Obama." hugh s

...just surfin'...
Donations by military personnel from January-March 2007:

1)Ron Paul- 201,271
2)Barack Obama- 178,456
3)John McCain- 132,133
4)Hillary Clinton- 85,000(...?)


So add pro-quagmire to McCain's liabilities among those in a position to share the scuttlebutt.


When you have time, provide a link for points 1 and 2.

Point 3 is of no concern to me. Michelle Malkin is upset about it, but that's the extent.

Point 4 should read: The Keating 4 and McCain, as the rest were Dems and McCain's involvement with Lincoln S&L thief Charlie Keating was minimal.

Point 5.....I don't know.


Re:1) 2)


Re:3) Open-borders McCain
Re:4) No. It's "Keating 5". That's why McCain cried in the senate well and begged to keep his seat.
Re:5) Google


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