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McCain Backers Want to Destroy Islam

There won't be a day of peace if John McBush is (re)elected. Take a look at the people behind McCain - meet Reverend Ron Parsley... the man John McCain calls his "moral compass and spiritual guide".

McCain the war hero turns into McBush the war monger.

How can John McCain stand by in silence, dripping with hypocrisy from his continued attacks on Obama re: Wright, while his own backers and supporters advocate the destruction of Islam?

They're as wrong as Wright, and demonstrate that the religious fanatics in the Republican party have every intention of pushing their agenda of hate towards the White House.

Obama rejected Wright - where's McCain on this?

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The sooner we destroy militant Islam the sooner the "moderate" muslims can take over the religion ... the faster the better ...


I didn't hear that wacko say the words "militant" or "moderate" once. But nice try, Jeff.


If these are the kind of things that are out there waiting to be exposed about John McCain, (anyone remember a guy named Hagee?) and the best the anti-Obamans could come up with is Wright, John McCain is beyond f*#ked in this election.


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