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Republicans Ask but Won't Answer

The Republican National Comittee (RNC) is leveling their sights on Obama. This is a web-only video - at 1 minute 23 seconds its clearly not intended for broadcast television.

They've launched a companion website called "Can We Ask?"

If this is the best the GOP can come up with it'll be smooth sailing all the way to White House for the Obamas. It' s particularly pathetic up against yesterday's statements by Cindy McCain that she will not, under any circumstances, answer questions about the McCain family finances with the release of her past tax returns.

When it comes to the American people asking about McCain's money the answer is "No, You can't ask that..."

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So will Obama raise our taxes ?

I'm sure Cindy McCain won't ... so I don't give a hoot about her income taxes ...

Strawman arguments are such a waste of time ... Are you accusing the McCains of doing something wrong ? Something that HER tax returns would reveal ? Yes or no ?

I assume yes ...

smear job ... classy liberals as always ...


Do you really want to imply that McCain has been "bought" ... ? Thats a great strategy ...

Up against a CHICAGO politician ... the "cleanest" political town in America ...


danny ...

the problem for Lee is that Republicans are evil people and Cindy is married to a Republican i.e. Cindy is evil ...

Its all so clear when you take your brain out of gear ... Don't worry Obama is soooooo smart (according to Michelle) that he can think for all of us ...

He's so smart he picked Wright to marry him.
He's so smart he picked Ayers to help him kick off his political career.
He's so smart he asked Rezko to help him with some real estate.
He's so smart he picked Michelle to be his wife.
He's so smart he's convinced himself that his liberal voting record is not a sign that he is a liberal.
He's so smart he's convinced himself that he can lie to America and get away with it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hyperbole aside, what is Cindy hiding?

Which charitable organizations does she support?

Does she hide behind tax dodges, or pay her fair share in taxes?

These are questions that will come up repeatedly, and that are relevant. She must have something to hide... and she will be hounded until she proves she doesn't.

As we can plainly see, Republicans ask questions of Obama while they hide the truth about their own candidate.


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