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Clinton and Obama Both Strong Against McCain

There's no sign that the continued and lengthy Democratic nomination race is having a detrimental effect on the Dems' chances for a White House win in November, contrary to the bloviations of Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy.

With Clinton continuing to campaign hard, concerns about what the protracted Clinton-Obama battle could do to the party's chances of beating probable Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, in the fall, continue to be raised. However, according to Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 7-11, both Democratic candidates are now beating McCain among national registered voters in Gallup Poll Daily trial heats for the fall election.

Obama leads McCain by four points, 47% to 43%. Clinton leads McCain by five points, 49% to 44%. Both leads represent the candidates' highest margins over McCain, to date, since Gallup began tracking the general election ballots in early March.

Maybe this will shut up the Obamatrons who keep yammering on that Clinton is harming Obama's chances in November. It's total crap.

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