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Obamacan John Weiler is Voting for Obama

This is the ad that won the MoveOn.org competition.

A straightforward advertisement featuring a lifelong Republican and military veteran who is supporting Barack Obama has won MoveOn.org's "Obama in 30 Seconds" ad contest and will begin airing on cable and network stations in key battleground states Ohio, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

The ad, called "Obamacan" and created by Californians David Gaw and Lance Mungia, was chosen from 1,100 entries by a "celebrity panel" that included director Oliver Stone as well as 5.5 million people who voted at the MoveOn website.

In the 30-second spot, U.S. Air Force vet John Weiler says he's a lifelong Republican who served under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush but will vote for Obama because he can unite the "left, right, Democrats, and Republicans."

MoveOn, which announced the winner this morning, has pledged to spend $200,000 to air the ad, and is using the ad as a fundraising tool--asking supporters to give so it can run in other markets.

Mungia, an Obama supporter, said he was inspired by an Obama meeting in California attended by an "independent, a Democrat, and a Republican sitting side by side" and "passionate about the same issues."

Update: John Weiler's wife Michelle contributes in the comment thread - link.

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Comments (22)


As a Air Force 30 year old enlisted retiree I think he is a fake.
He said he was in the Air Force for 6 years, 1983-1989 and made MSgt in 6 years. It just doesn't happen.
Newsbusters.com said the same thing.


Ditto on the time in rank/time in grade thing. MSgt in 6 years? He'd be doing good to have been selected for WAPS testing and done well enough to make Staff Sergeant - E-5, and there's no way he could have been bumped to E-7. (Actually, there's one way. But he wouldn't have wanted to do it, and it's pretty unlikely.)

Minimum MSgt elegibility requirements are 8 years Time in Service, 24 months Time in Grade, and finishing Supervisory Level (7-level) training. Minimum Tech Sergeant (E-6) Time in Service is 5 years, Time in Grade is 23 months. Virtually nobody makes the minimums, no matter how much of a star you are. You've got promotion cycles to consider (which are usually annual) and you DON'T get to test before you're eligible.

So overall? Smells bogus to me on the rank...

His politics? I shall not venture an opinion.

TSgt, USAFR (ret)
Personnel Specialist (13 years)


I'm curious about this reputation that Obama has that he will unite "left, right, Democrats, and Republicans." What exactly is it based on? When has he ever reached out to Republicans? When has he ever reached out to the right? When has he ever crossed party lines? When has he ever shown any level of bipartisanship.

He has voted 97% of the time with his own party. How can you convince somebody to agree with you when you have a record of disagreeing with them nearly 100% of the time?

P. Bunyan:

(Sorry, I'll try that again without the typos.)

Exactly Eric!

I was gonna make that simple and obvious point yet again, but I saw you beat me to it on this thread.

My best guess is that the Obama worshipers believe that everyone can be equally swayed by meaningless rhetoric as they have been and somehow this empty, undefined "hope" for "change" will unite the country. Sounds pretty dumb to me, but this is a mental condition that appears common amongst leftists-- this thinking that everyone must think and believe as they do.

So how 'bout it Lee. Since you've become a convert, care to give us one single example of Obama uniting "the left, right, Democrats, and Republicans."

Just one single example?

Lee Ward:

JLawson and Ron - I responded to your remarks in a new post here.

Eric and PBunyan: In Obama's speeches he hits on this topic frequently - expressing a desire to unite "red states and blue states" and cross political boundaries.

I've read examples of where he's accomplished this is his past work, and I'll look around for those examples, but the fact that he polls so well among moderates and swing republicans shows that his message and pledge is believable - just because you guys don't believe it that doesn't make it false.

It's an excellent question for McCain to throw at Obama in a debate/Townhall format btw...

Lee Ward:

More - check out Steve's post here.

Consider a bill into which Obama clearly put his heart and soul. The problem he wanted to address was that too many confessions, rather than being voluntary, were coerced -- by beating the daylights out of the accused....The bill itself aroused immediate opposition. There were Republicans who were automatically tough on crime and Democrats who feared being thought soft on crime. There were death penalty abolitionists, some of whom worried that Obama's bill, by preventing the execution of innocents, would deprive them of their best argument. Vigorous opposition came from the police, too many of whom had become accustomed to using muscle to "solve" crimes. And the incoming governor, Rod Blagojevich, announced that he was against it.

....He responded with an all-out campaign of cajolery....The police proved to be Obama's toughest opponent, [but] by showing officers that he shared many of their concerns, even going so far as to help pass other legislation they wanted, he was able to quiet the fears of many.

Obama proved persuasive enough that the bill passed both houses of the legislature, the Senate by an incredible 35 to 0. Then he talked Blagojevich into signing the bill, making Illinois the first state to require such videotaping.


John's wife here. You are all entitled to your opinions and are free to support the candidate of your choice. However, I've been reading your posts and the first two definitely need correction. John's rank was misstated by the reporter who originally wrote the article for the AP. He left the Air Force as a SSGT not a MSGT as stated. The AP has already been made aware of the mistake.

And...as his wife, I can assure you, he is no fake. He was quite the skeptic at first. He came with me to an Obama campaign meeting because I was quite far along in my pregnancy and he didn't want me to be there by myself, just in case. After reading some of the literature and hearing what others had to say, he decided Obama was the right candidate for him.

After attending several meetings he was asked by fellow Obama campaign volunteers to contribute to an ad for the campaign. And that is how "Obamacan" was born.

Michelle -

I apologize - my statement was predicated on the claim your husband was a 6-year Master Sergeant. That he made Staff in 6, I have no doubt.


P. Bunyan:

Touché Lee. Well kinda anyway.

You did manage to find a single example. I do think it's quite telling that you had to search the net to find one. And even not looking into the truth of that story beyond the initial links I read, it appears that most of the opposition Obama had to overcome to pass that bill was from within his own party and traditional Democrat special interest groups.

So you may use it as evidence to support your beliefs that Obama will be a uniter, but it's is a single very, very weak example.

A lot of simple minded people will believe that Obama eloquent, empty rhetoric will be enough to unite, but your beliefs in and of themselves will not make them true.

Lee Ward:

"I do think it's quite telling that you had to search the net to find one. "

Actually, I recalled that Steve had written a post on the subject, so I didn't have to search the net at all.

As far who and what to believe in - your boy GWB and his lineup of liars screwed the Republican pooch on that subject. My favorite was the attorney General of the United States under oath swearing he couldn't remember.

The key to beating McCain in November? Reminding voters that he's a Republican.

P. Bunyan:

And Hillary, who you devoutly supported up to last week (and who I still think will get the nomination when all is said and done) answered, while testifying under oath, "I don't recall", or "I don't remember" how many times?

P. Bunyan:

And regarding Bush's alleged "lineup of liars", well that's quite the glass house from which you've chosen to throw stones:

Lee Ward: "It's beginning to look like Barack Obama, at times, just can't stop himself from lying."

Lee Ward: "Many of us are just plain fed up with Barack's lie after lie after lie.

Lee Ward: "There are more and more YouTube videos showing up juxtaposing Barack Obama's ongoing lies and distortions with the facts."

>Lee Ward: "To this day, Barack Obama continues to lie to the American people about what he knew and when he knew it"

Lee Ward: "If you haven't been the direct recipient of a Barack Obama lie then hang on, your turn will come. He'll get around to lying to everyone sooner or later in his quest to be Prez"

There's a lot more where that came from. Should I continue? Or are you just going to admit that it's o.k., in your opinion, to be a liar as long as you're a Marxist whose main goal is to end capitalism, freedom, choice* and liberty and to ensure Al Queda's victory in Iraq and the empowering and spread of Islamofascism** that that will cause?

*except if that choice involves killing your child-- even if they survive your first attempt to kill them, then choice is good. All other choice is bad as far as Lee, Obama, and most Democrats are concerned.

**Barack Obama: "I will stand with the Muslims"

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'd wager "quite a bit less" than AG Gonzales.

And you think Clinton will be the nominee? What do you think will take out Obama? - he seems invincible...

P. Bunyan:

I'm not going to bother visiting this site anymore if my posts are going to be blocked.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Suits me fine - but it was the automatic spam filter that ate your comment. You had too many links in the comment (I think it considers more than two links as spam). I took out the links and it went through fine.

As to the rest of your screed - no comment. I'm busy ending capitalism and killing babies - check back later.

P. Bunyan:

Sorry about that Lee, I didn't know there was a filter that worked based on the number of links in a post. If anyone is still reading this and interested, perhaps this link will suffice:

Lee Wards opinion of Obama's character.

"I'm busy ... killing babies"

I didn't know you performed abortions yourself, Lee. Wow. That's not too surprising though, except how do you find the time to blog all day? Of course if you're not an abortionist that you've resorted to the cowardly "strawman" logical falacy because you had no honest response to the fact that Obama fought very hard for passage of a bill that would outlaw providing medical care to surviving abortion victims. Thank God he couldn't even unite his fellow Marxist-Democrats on that one.

"And you think Clinton will be the nominee? What do you think will take out Obama?"

Obama is a fatally flawed candidate. The media is trying hard to keep everyone ignorant of the real Obama, and of course Obama's campaign has been nothing but empty platitudes and rhetoric that gullible people are willing to fill with their own hopes and dreams. But running against a fellow Marxist is a lot different than running against a politically independent war hero with American values. Your overlords know this* and despite the childishness they'll get from the MSM, and the nut roots like KOS, they will overturn the "elected delegate" lead Obama has and give the nomimation to the vastly superior candidate. Plus, most likely, when all is said and done Clinton will win the popular primary vote and the "superdelegates" can use that as the excuse for why they overruled the limo liberals, the nutroots, and the press.

(*Hence Dean's "50 state" strategy-- we'll run Marxists who are really good lairs and pretend to have American values. See link in next post.)

P. Bunyan:

Here's the link to go with comment # 16:

Dean's "50 state" strategy.

(A.K.A. Lie like hell, or like Obama)

Lee Ward:

lol- You link to Ann Coulter?

As proof of what? Your gullibility? She gives 'her opinion' that the race was lost as a result of the NY Times article.

How many Republicans in Mississippi read the New York Times, or care?

You're obviously upset because the smart folks in Mississippi saw through this Republican racist and sent him packing. 54%-46% - it wasn't even close.

The ad in question, on behalf of Republican Greg Davis, pointed out that Barack Obama had endorsed Davis' opponent, Travis Childers -- another in a long line of fake-American goobers claiming to be "conservative Democrats," but who get to Congress and promptly vote to ban guns, surrender in Iraq and fund full-term abortions.

These days, I guess you can call yourself a "conservative Democrat" if you refrain from being sworn into Congress with your hand on a Quran.

The ad showed a clip of Obama's pastor g-damning America and mentioned Obama's recent remarks ridiculing rural folks for clinging to guns. It then concluded that Childers "took Obama's endorsement over our conservative values."

The Republicans had also run ads connecting Childers with other Washington liberals, such as Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. (Times editors are still looking for the racist angle to those ads.)

And obviously upset because the grand GOP plan of pinning every down-ticket Democrat as an Obama-loving (Gasp! he's BLACK!!!) good ol boy blew up in their fat, white, racists faces.

Much more where that came from, Bunyan. You guys haven't a friggin prayer.

P. Bunyan:

Sorry I didn't make that more clear Lee. I thought it would be obvious, but that was obviously a poor assumption.

I didn't link to Ann's column because of what you quoted. I was referring to this part:

"The phony blue-collar Democrats won their elections by driving around in pickup trucks and shooting guns, then moved to Washington and began voting against war in Iraq and in favor of taxpayer-funded abortions.

One of the Democrats' paragons of regular guy-ness that year was Jon Tester of Montana, who wore cowboy boots and had a buzz cut. The crew cut absolutely transfixed liberals in places like Manhattan. Search "Jon Tester and crew cut" on Google, and you'll get more than 200,000 hits. Even this tonsorial affectation was a liberal fake-out, inasmuch as Tester has no military service.

After campaigning throughout Montana in a pickup truck, Tester got to Washington and compiled a voting record more liberal than Chuck Schumer's, according to the liberal Americans for Democratic Action (Tester: 95 percent; Schumer: 90 percent). Tester also has a 100 percent rating from the pro-abortion group NARAL. There's your truck driving, gun-totin' Democrat.

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. was another consumer fraud perpetrated on voters in 2006 by the Democrats. Casey ran for office on the strength of his father's name and his alleged pro-life position. It was the pro-life position of his father -- the popular Democratic governor of Pennsylvania -- that disqualified Casey Sr. from speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 1992.

Despite rumors that Schumer had assured Hillary Clinton that Casey was not really pro-life, the good people of Pennsylvania made him their senator, throwing out Rick Santorum, the kind of pro-lifer who actually opposes abortion.

In Casey's first year in office, he voted in favor of an amendment to a foreign appropriations bill introduced by the fanatically pro-abortion Barbara Boxer that overturned U.S. policy against providing taxpayer money to groups that perform abortions overseas. It also granted overseas abortion providers taxpayer money. There's a "pro-life Democrat" for you.

In elections in the patriotic parts of the country, Democrats keep producing candidates that look like they're out of a Norman Rockwell painting but vote like Karl Marx -- which is to say, they vote like the typical member of the Democratic Party."

But that's o.k. You probably didn't read that far. And yes, some of that is Ann's opinion (with which I firmly agree), but there's a whole lotta fact in there backing up that opinion.

P. Bunyan:

"(Gasp! he's BLACK!!!)"

That had nothing to do with it. I realize that being a leftist, your worlview is seeped in racism and bigotry so you see everything through that lense, but the point was the Obama is far, far, far to the left and far, far, far the opposite of traditional American values. His skin color is irrelevant to most all non-Democrats.

Now, race will likley be a factor to a lot of Democrats who will vote for McCain should Obama get the nomination which is another reason I think your overlords will choose Clinton in the end.

I'm glad those of us on the right don't have those kind of problems. We judge people by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin. It's obvious from the polling results of the Democrat primaries that the Democrats judge people mostly by their skin color.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, I forgot - you're an anti-abortion nutcake. Thanks for the reminder.

Last time I checked abortion was legal. If you don't like it, change the law.

P. Bunyan:

Right now it is against the law in my state Lee. Unfortunately and evil fascist judicial dictat has prevented the law from being enforced. I am working to change that. I oppose all pro-abortion politicians. And the truly evil, like Obama who wanted to make it illegal to provide medical care for surviving abortion vicitms, well, I oppose them with every fiber of my being.

(I'm opposed to slavery for the exact same reason, btw.)


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