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West Virginia Democratic Primary Results

West Virginia Democratic Primary - 100% of the precincts reporting

  • Hillary Clinton - 239,062 - 67% - winner
  • Barack Obama - 91,652 - 26%

Clinton vows to press on:

Sen. Hillary Clinton used her big win in West Virginia on Tuesday to make her case that she has a better chance of beating the Republicans in the general election.

Sen. Hillary Clinton told supporters Tuesday that she believes she's the stronger candidate.

"I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign," she told supporters in Charleston, West Virginia.

"I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate. ... I can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now."

  • CNN Exit Poll Data - link

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Comments (9)

Think she'll stay, or bow out on a high note?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

$20 says she's going all the way.

I'd actually agree with you on this. She'll go on until there's no possible way she can continue.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

She would not walk off the field before the game is over - and it isn't over until one candidate has the needed number of delegates.

Why should she?

And she may not stop even then. She understands that it's about the voters, not about her or Barack. Every vote counts.

Vegas Vic:

Shades of Ned Lamont fall accross the Democratic Party. Hillary will go Independent and all heck will brake loose.


Who cares!??

Lee Ward:

Hillary won't go independent - that just rubbish being spread around by the democratic fear merchants at DailyKos.

I dunno, Lee. She's not the type to go quietly - if she's not in front, she's going to demand the reins - and if the DNC won't give them, I can see her taking off on her own.

But they're speculating about it over on Kos?


Lee Ward:

Just another Clinton-myth perpetuated by the Obamatrons. Another $20 says I'm right. She would never, ever bolt from the Democratic party - she's a team player.

Her husband led the party for 8 years fer crying out loud.

The hand wringing over Clinton staying in the race, and conjecture such as her bolting from the Democratic party because she's a crazed, power-hungry monster, is pure partisan crap pushed by Obama and McCain supporters. It's patently absurd.


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