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Additional Proof Republicans are Doomed in November

There's this:


Notice the big jump since January? The primary process seems to be weighing heavily on voter dissatisfaction with the current administration and their Republican apologists. The more people read about the issues and see what their choices are and what the future might be, the more they are dissatisfied with the present direction.


Americans are feeling pessimistic about the direction the country is heading, a new bipartisan NPR poll suggests. They're increasingly leaning toward alignment with the Democratic Party and divided over their choices for president in the fall.

An unprecedented 80 percent of likely voters surveyed said the United States is on the wrong track -- a huge jump from the 68 percent who felt that way in the previous NPR poll in January.

The latest dissatisfaction level is reflected in other polls conducted recently by the Gallup Organization and several newspapers and TV networks.

When asked about the job President Bush is doing, 65 percent of respondents overall said they disapproved and a bare majority, 51 percent, said they disapproved strongly.

"Disapproved strongly" - a majority of Americans strongly disapprove of the current Republican administration.

Meanwhile, this is what is passing for conservative thought on the subject of the demise of the GOP power in Congress - here's PBunyan commenting on my earlier post "Removing GOP from Power in Congress::

Thanks to the biased press (which the leftists can only recognize and acknowledge when its aimed at one of their own), a lot of poorly informed people believe that. Still the only way the Marxists were able to take back congress was by running on the traditional Republican platform. Of course once they got to congress their voting record was 180 degree from their campaign promises.

George Bush and all the ignorance the left has fostered in the public due to their hate of him, is the only reason the Marxists are doing so well right now. Bush is actually protecting American from the Marxists with his veto power. If one of the Marxists, either Obama or Clinton, wins in November-- God forbid-- or perhaps even McCain, at least on some issues, then the reality of Democrat Marxism will again slap the ignorant electorate in the face and 2010 will be 1994 all over again.

It's not George Bush's fault - it's the eeevil media who are driving public perception against the Republicans.

Let's not ask where the eeevil media was in 2002 when GWB's approval ratings were peaking - guess they weren't as eeevil back then?

If McCain was only smart enough to say "The Bush administration made a total mess of the last 8 years I intend to fix it!" the Republicans might have a chance this November.

Fortunately for us Democrats McCain isn't that smart. He's too beholden to the 'Bush Base' - that remaining 25% or so of the nation that thinks George Bush did the right thing. If McCain alienates them, he might as well drop out and cede the election now -- so he will plod on - carrying the water and following the lead of GWB - riding that same rocket to hell...

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Comments (2)

P. Bunyan:

Wow, I feel so honored! I've never been quoted in a blog post before.

I was polled recently and when asked if I felt the country was on the wrong track I said "yes". They didn't ask why or who I blame though. (Hint: not President Bush, or Republicans, or conservatives.)

I think it's interesting that that the graph you linked to above (from a Marxist organizaion) shows that the "wrong direction" line increases as it became likely that the Marxists will take control of congress. Then increases at a great rate after they took control. Then "hockey sticks"* when it starts to look like Obama has a real chance at the Presidency.

Very interesting indeed.

*If I may be so bold as to borrow a term from Al Gore's church.


The Dims always are winning in May...November is a different story....10 7 wins out 10...since 1968 and this year the Dims are nominating a lieral w/ no practical experience...shades of '72?


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