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Removing GOP from Power in Congress

Democrats took an important step towards removing the GOP from power in Congress with Tuesday's win in Mississippi. No doubt this development has a lot of GOP big-wigs scratching their... wigs.

For the past 18 months, ever since the 2006 elections, congressional Republicans have been like a hospital patient trying to convince visitors that he is not really all that sick: a bit under the weather; actually feel better than I sound; should be up and about any day; thanks for asking.

Suddenly -- belatedly -- all pretense is gone.

The Republican defeat in Tuesday's special election in Mississippi, in a deeply conservative district where, in an average year, Democrats cannot even compete, was a clear sign that the GOP has the political equivalent of cancer that has spread throughout the body. Many House GOP operatives are privately predicting that the party could easily lose up to 20 seats this fall.

Proverbial chickens coming home to roost. Republicans have run roughshod over the American public throughout their reign of terror term in control of Congress.

Combined with the 30 seats that the GOP lost in 2006, that would leave the party facing a 70-vote deficit against Democrats in the House -- a state of powerlessness reminiscent of Republicans' long wilderness years in the 1960s and '70s.

Things are not particularly more hopeful on the Senate side, where most analysts say Democrats have a strong chance of adding five or more seats to their current majority.

Panic and blame-casting for the dire condition were flowing in equal measures Wednesday inside the House Republican Conference and among party elders and operatives outside.

In the crossfire, there was a bracing new spirit of candor that has largely been missing since 2006, when many Republicans tried to convince the public -- and perhaps themselves -- that the defeat was the result of temporary setbacks, such as the House page scandal or bad headlines for Tom DeLay, rather than something more fundamental.

Republicans have made fundamentally wrong choices for America, and instead embarked on a self-serving, morally righteous crusade that has touched and tainted everything from the Justice Department's US Attorney scandal, to the Iraq march to war and subsequent attempts to involve Iran as a part of a religious imperative to rid the world of Islam.

Now it's time to pay the piper... and poor old John McCain is wheezing his way to November's election dragging this boat anchor behind him.

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Comments (7)

P. Bunyan:

"Republicans have made fundamentally wrong choices for America"

Thanks to the biased press (which the leftists can only recognize and acknoledge when its aimed at one of their own), a lot of poorly informed people believe that. Still the only way the Marxists were able to take back congress was by running on the traditional Republican platform. Of course once they got to congress their voting record was 180 degree from their campaign promises.

George Bush and all the ignorace the left has fostered in the public due to their hate of him, is the only reason the Marxists are doing so well right now. Bush is actually protecting American from the Marxists with his veto power. If one of the Marxists, either Obama or Clinton, wins in November-- God forbid-- or perhaps even McCain, at least on some issues, then the reality of Democrat Marxism will again slap the ignorant electorate in the face and 2010 will be 1994 all over again.

John S:

Actually I'm delighted with the Democratic Congress. Other than an increase in the minimum wage, they haven't passed any legislation. Absolutely NOTHING in two years. And they've handed Bush everything he's wanted to finance his war. Meanwhile, the price of gasoline has doubled. The cost of basic foodstuff has tripled. And now the Dems are set to gain a solid majority and gain 100% percent of the blame for the next four years. (They can work on their 12% approval rating.) Gas rationing. Food rationing. Healthcare rationing. Good luck with that, America!


What goes around comes around Lee. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Lee Ward:

I'm in favor of some Democratic housecleaning. Pelosi has to go for starters. If Obama let's her stay in power he's not as smart as I think he is - but she's clearly pandering and rubbing up against his leg with her attacks on Clinton. If Obama wants "change" he can start by pushing for a change in the speaker of the house.

Rules permitting (and I haven't checked so I don't know) Clinton will end up replacing Harry Reid. She's not going to get the VP slot, and she will be looking for an elevated podium from which to launch her 2012 bid. The good news is that her record in that post will matter a lot to her as it'll apply to her 2012 run for Prez, so she might actually be accountable and productive - something neither Pelosi or Reid have been over the last 2 years imho.

And while we're at it toss Diane Feinstein out. When she voted for Mukasey's confirmation she lost me. With Obama in I think you'll see the old-school Democrats retiring en masse. Who knows, it might be a change for the better - cant get worse.

Lots of Democrats like me want more change than just President.... and who knows, with Barack being more of a consensus builder than either Clinton or McCain there just might be a middle ground.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Lee, if you think Obama is going to be our next President, you have learned nothing from our last several elections. Democrats took control of the House and Senate by attacking certain issues and having released a sex scandel concerning a Republican (good timing) yet notice among other things, that the price of Gasoline has gone up a fabulous amount since the Dems have been in power. Not only will B. Hussein not win the election, (just imagine the ad of Rev. Wright God damning America with the tag line, Obama's mentor) he will cause the down ticket to lose. Hide and watch, Lee. You lost your chance when Hillary failed to win enough backing. Obama outsmarted her by going to the caucuses rather than the primaries

Lee Ward:

"(just imagine the ad of Rev. Wright God damning America with the tag line, Obama's mentor)"

Catch up, Raggy -- that was tried in Mississippi and failed big time. Democrat swamped in with a win against that kind of association ad campaign.

You Republicans are so 'yesterday'...

P. Bunyan:

And you Democrats are so 1847.


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