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Superdelegates Switching from Edwards to Obama


When Edwards dropped out on Jan. 30, he had endorsements from 28 superdelegates, including Reps. Bob Etheridge (NC), Mike McIntyre (NC), Brad Miller (NC), Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD), Charlie Gonzalez (TX), Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX), Jim Oberstar (MN), David Obey (WI), David Price (NC), Heath Shuler (NC), Bart Stupak (MI), Mel Watt (NC), Michael Michaud (ME), and Bruce Braley (IA). The other 14 were Democratic National Committee members who had pledged as superdelegates to Edwards.

As of this afternoon, nine of the House members backing Edwards had switched allegiance to Obama: Reps. Miller, Herseth Sandlin, Gonzalez, Johnson, Oberstar, Obey, Price, Watt and Braley. Four of the pro-Edwards lawmakers -- Reps. Ethridge, McIntyre, Stupak and Michaud -- remain uncommitted. Shuler has not officially endorsed Clinton, but said he would vote for her as a superdelegate at the convention, because she had won his western North Carolina district.

Seven of Edwards' DNC superdelegates have shifted to Obama; two have switched to Clinton. Five remain uncommitted. So that leaves a total of 18 Edwards convention votes for both campaigns to phonebank until they break.

More on this and the Clinton "popular vote" strategy in an upcoming post.

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