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Obama Slams Bush as Fear-Monger

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama yesterday pummeled President Bush, who dissed the candidate as a delusional fool before Israel's Knesset on Thursday.

And he smacked around presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain, who parroted Bush's broadside, for good measure.

"They're trying to fool you. They're trying to scare you and they're not telling the truth," a fired-up Obama declared while campaigning in South Dakota. "But it's not going to work."

"Both Bush and McCain represent the failed foreign policy and fear mongering of the past," Obama said. "I believe the American people are ready to reject this approach and to choose the future."

Obama declared the Republicans ambush "dishonest, divisive attacks."

And when called on this yesterday the White House did what the White House normally does... they lied, claiming that Bush wasn't targeting Obama. The credibility of the American government stays at zero as long as lying Republicans are in the White House.

Update: And Barack is bringing his guns to bear on McCain as well:

Barack Obama laid into John McCain on Friday for advancing a tough-guy foreign policy that he called ``naive and irresponsible,'' serving notice that he's ready to launch a full-throttle challenge to the Republican presidential contender on international relations in the general election campaign.
Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.,
gets a hug from a baby as he greets supporters in Watertown, S.D., Friday, May 16, 2008.

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Comments (11)

Are you sure he was talking about Obama?

Must have been - isn't EVERYTHING about Obama?

And it's not like there's been any politicians who've practiced appeasement in the last hundred years or so.. Though I do seem to remember this guy in England who thought Germany would be content with small amounts of land being added to their country...

But Bush COULDN'T have been talking about THAT - becuase everything's always about Obama!

He's really starting to seem like more aof a self-obsessed jackass than your usual politician. Does he not know when NOT to open his yap?


He was "for no preconditions" before he was "against no preconditions". Looks like the "changling" (sorry!, The candidate of "Change") is a typical democrat.
But I agree, the world does indeed revolve around the Messiah!!!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If this is what the rest of the campaign is going to be like you guys should be begging Karl Rove to come back and bail you out this November.

Attack Obama but not have the balls to admit it. How "Bush-League" can you get?

If Obama keeps jumping up and vigorously protesting at every perceived slight, he's going to blow his credibility long before the election. He took a speech that likely would have been ignored by the media, and turned it into a media showcase of just how thin-skinned and touchy he is.

And we're supposed to see it as an example of strong leadership? Who needs Rove, when Obama seems bent on doing himself in?

The world does not revolve around him. Neither did history. If he's going to insist that everything anyone says anywhere is about him, he's going to have ulcers before September.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

There weren't perceived slights, their was a slam by the President of the United States who then ran for cover and lied about what he'd done.

How pathetic, how absolutely pathetic. The President of the United States having to lie because he's afraid to admit that he stepped over the line.

The Republican Party's snide innuendo and parsing of words and hiding behind what they say is ending.

Barack Obama is ending it.

I suspec that the severe ass-kicking received by the GOP after this will slow Bush down... but maybe not. He's able to hit and run, and lie about what's he done and have supporters come to his defense, so maybe he'll do it some more - I hope so...


There's a good chance that Bush was talking about Obama, although it could have been the Left in general. There is no way to tell.

It's clearly legitimate to accuse Bush of being deliberately vague. But that doesn't mean we're sure who he was referring to.

I think a smarter Obama would have tried to knock down the "Appeasement" idea with something more substantive than "Fear-mongering". That sort of talk has no legs; It doesn't have any ideas behind it.

Come to think of it, we don't know what Obama was talking about either. Was he saying that it's okay for Iran to have nukes (nothing to be afraid of) or that al-Queda is not significant? What is "Fear-mongering" about?


Just when you think President bush can't get any more snively or low-down, he attacks his probable successor in front of one our allies legislature. Now he doesn't even have the balls to own up to it. If this is how Dubya thinks he's going to help McSame win the election, I hope he keeps going.

P. Bunyan:

"Barack Obama yesterday pummeled President Bush"


Is it possible to "pummel" someone with an empty pillow case or perhaps a feather? I think not.

And Ryan & Lee just can't wrap their minds aroung the FACT that Bush was not talking about anyone in particular, but rather a type of foreign policy that is very, very dangerous for the entire world and of all those politicians, past and present, who espouse those policies that will surely lead to destruction and world war as they have in the past. The FACT that you guys think he was talking about your messiah speaks VOLUMES! If the foo shits and all that...

And finally, in this one simple phrase, Fred has summed up Barrack Obama's entire campaign:

"It doesn't have any ideas behind it."

Lee Ward:


alan cope:

Bush and Mccain use classical Goebbles nazi propaganda techniques to sway ignorant people. Luckily, too many people are catching on.


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