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McCain's Ineptitude on the March

Is John McCain dishonest -- or just senile? It's hard to tell...

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Here come the attacks, but seriously. This guy is as easy to tie up and confuse as my 86-year old grandfather. I mean, my grandparents are able inviduals, they live by themselves, they still shop, drive, and handle financial issues, but I always see the same blank stare when I talk to them or ask questions about anything going on in their lives. What I wonder is Obama going to be seen as some kind of jerk when he tounge-twists John McCain in a debate? They are trying out for the most important job in the world, for crissakes.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Good question -- Obama showed a great deal of reserve in the debates: almost a timidity at times - and its apparent that he respects McCain's service to this country.


First, I'm not trying to disrespect Senator McCain. But having been around people who suffered from dementia,the Senator is showing the first signs of it.

That is sad, but if he is going to become our President, he does have to have a full medical exam by experts in the field of dementia.

Unlike the posts about Senator Kennedy, some which were very hateful, and probably deserved, any person who gloats about someone's medical problems are lower than whale shit.

And if Senator McCain is suffering from dementia, this will become very apparent during the debates. And if this does happen, then what?

We, as Americans, cannot afford a President who suffers from dementia. It's a very sad position for any person to be in.


"But having been around people who suffered from dementia,the Senator is showing the first signs of it."

Running for President as a sign of dementia. Okay, I can buy that - you've got to be pretty much nuts to run for office in the first place.

But Obama's young. What's his excuse?

"We, as Americans, cannot afford a President who suffers from dementia."

If you've got to be crazy to run for the job in the first place... um... can we just go "None of the Above" and draft a fresh batch of candidates?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

What kind of excuse for McCain's strange behavior are you trying to make, Jlawson?

It appears you're admitting that McCain is a few fries short of a happy meal, but you're suggesting that Obama is also?


You gotta be nuts to shove yourself into the political meatgrinder, Lee. So - is it crazy to run for President? Damn straight. Is Obama crazy? You do the math.

You know, when I was growing up (old fart alert) it used to be said that anyone could grow up to be President.

Now - you've got to sell your integrity completely to make it to the starting gate of the Party Sweepstakes, with no guarantee you won't be shoved into the rail by your own competitors. It's damn near a hereditary artistocracy. Check back in 20 years, we'll see if Chelsea and Jenna are running for the office.

I'm thinking we really need a "None of the above" selection on the ballots. Your mileage, of course, may vary.


JLawson, I agree with you on the "none of the above". I also think term limits for each office should be mandatory.

Right now, if the "none above" box was on the ballot, it would win. But we know that won't happen.

I also think that all lobbyists should be barred from being around our elected help, but that also won't happen.

Start mailing tea bags to your elected help, maybe they will get the message. Both the R's and D's have good ideas, and bad ideas, but it's time for the BS to be over and for our elected help to start working for American's first, such as secure borders, then worry about some other country. We live in America, help America first should be the slogan, not that we need a change(which we do).


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