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More on McCain's Lack of Support for Vets

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Oh yes, the slogan "support our troops" show how much support the GOP really cares about. With an (maybe) AWOL President, 5 deferments Vice President, they are just playing their role of supporting our troops.

They have not given one honest reason about why they won't support our troops. It's at the point when the GOP says they support something, they mean the opposite. It's something to keep their base happy, and those people can't see the tree because of the forest.


right ...

a leftist is going to tell us he/she cares about the troops ...

are you selling some bridges also ?

Lee Ward:

The White house says the bill gives troops too strong an incentive to leave the armed forces, and thus would produce low retention rates.

This is not exactly first-class treatment of the nation's warriors.

The Bush administration opposes the new G.I. bill primarily on the grounds that it is too generous, would be difficult to administer and would adversely affect retention.

This is bogus. The estimated $2.5 billion to $4 billion annual cost of the Webb proposal is dwarfed by the hundreds of billions being spent on the wars we're asking service members to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's important to keep in mind is that the money that goes to bolstering the education of returning veterans is an investment, in both the lives of the veterans themselves and the future of the nation.

The notion that expanding educational benefits will have a negative effect on retention seems silly. The Webb bill would cover tuition at a rate comparable to the highest tuition at a state school in the state in which the veteran would be enrolled. That kind of solid benefit would draw talented individuals into the military in large numbers.

Think about that... think about the Republican approach to honoring our troops returning from combat contained in that statement.

What the Republicans are saying is 'we don't want to give our vets anything more than a paycheck, so we can keep them dependent on that paycheck and therefore retain them in the services.



Right Jeff, you got all the BS down pat, except for exception, I'm not a lefty, plus I'm a disabled vet. I served, got the scars to prove it, have you served, do you have any scars to prove it?

I doubt it, so just keep your slogans to your base, because real vets know the truth about the "support our troops" slogan. IT IS PURE BULLSHIT!

Plus Jeff, why won't the GOP support the new GI Bill? Give us one valid reason, not the Chimps BS. Can you do it?


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