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The False Argument for Democratic Party Unity

It's been a steady drumbeat for almost two months now. The claim that the Democratic race extending on as long as it has is somehow detrimental to the party's chances in the November election. It's just plain false.

  • One: The long race has resulted in a record number of new registrations for the Democratic party. How can that be unhealthy?
  • Two: Democratic voters are charged up and involved. Vocal, involved, donating, believing. It's long overdue, and a sign of a healthy democracy, and a very healthy political party.

    Representing as many Americans as possible is the highest party goal we can strive for. The high voter registration numbers are a sign of success.

  • Three: The ongoing race is keeping John McCain off the headlines. The argument that it's giving McCain a head start is not borne out by any metric.

    There is a steady erosion of support for McCain indicated by the polls, and the fund raising woes experienced by McCain are another indication that in fact the extended Democratic race is having a crippling effect on McCain's chances in November.

I'm not only concerned about the false argument however. I find it disturbing that prominent Democrats are expounding this false argument, something I find especially disturbing when the argument is presented in the very same Sunday news shows today which are featuring quotes and interviews with Scott McClellan.

McClellan has over the last few days exposed the ugliness and dishonesty behind the Republican administration in the White House. To have prominent Democrats appearing in these very same news shows, lying to the American public about the reasons and importance of ending the Democratic race, in a word... stinks.

I understand completely how some political neophytes would buy into the false arguments for ending the race, and a by-product of the influx of youthful Democratic voters is that we're faced with a large number of vocal and articulate new Democrats whose level of boundless enthusiasm is matched by their inexperience.

They are fired up, and out to win - but are following their leaders just a bit too closely, and believing just a bit too much. Overall it's good thing, but it does add a lot of noise to the discussion.

But to see Democrats presenting claims that it's helping McCain's campaign when there is a preponderance of evidence suggesting the exact opposite is wrong, and not conducive to the kind of change that's truly needed in Washington.

If we're going to carry the "change" in our quest for the White House, there's no question we will best serve our chances by starting the change now.

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May I play devil's advocate here?

1. The registrations may (I do say MAY because it's difficult to prove and is specualtion on my part) have been more for identity politicing than any real desire to support the Democratic Party per se. "I can help the first Black get elected!" and "I can help the first woman get elected!" may have driven signups more than any party platform. It remains to be seen if those signups actually vote for the politician that didn't get the nod.

2. See 1 above - I'm thinking they're very involved in their separate identity group, not the Democratic Party as a whole. Hillary partisans may well be so ticked off they can't transfer their allegiance, so instead write-in Hillary or not vote at all. Either way, it could be a net loss, not a gain.

3? Got no opinion one way or the other.

Time will tell, though, on what you say. Good analysis, though I think you're a trifle optimistic!


Lee, I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said about the drawn-out fight for the Democratic nomination with one big IF. This will be good for the party IF the nomination is resolved soon after the last primaries are held Tuesday. It will all blow up in our faces IF Hillary and Harold Ickes carry this on to the convention in August. I hope the rest of the supers come out this week and finally settle this thing.


Except for the fact that Obama is a inexperienced, gaffe-prone, liberal who has not a chance of getting elected. Now Hillary is another story...but the Dems hypocritical political correctness has once again screw them...how ironic. Oh yeah...and the fact the Reps were pragmatic enough to nominate the most electable candidate. It is not just happenstance that the Reps have won 7 out of the last 10 elections.


Not a chance of being elected, huh? What the hell do you Republicans smoke when you get up in the morning? I guess data, research, polls, facts, history, etc. don't matter much when you're spouting off crap. This one is in the bank. I would put money on it.

John S:

When October comes around and gasoline is $6 gallon, food is rising 10% a month, people are scratching their heads and wondering where they're going to find $8,000 cash to heat their house in January, and Americans are finally figuring out we're in the worst financial crisis in a century, who do you think they will pick to get us out of this mess? Will they pick their wise and kindly grandfather? Or will they take a chance on that nice black man with the affirmative action law degree who, by the way, has never run anything.

Don't get me wrong. Obama's a pretty smart guy. And if it were in my power I'd let him, say, run a Burger King and see how he does. But president? Get real.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

They'll pick the candidate who is going to change this mess, and put this nation on a better track than it has been for the last 8 years. That won't be John McBush.... They'll pick Obama.


I'd feel better about that, Lee, if I thought he had a clue, and the determination to follow it through despite opposition.

I'm not seeing that. I see a Chicago small-time politican out of his depth, propped up by a willing, compliant media that likes to paint him as the perfect candidate - despite never taking a stand on anything, no record to speak of, and not much in the way of accomplishments - aside from jettisoning political expendable items like his grandmother and his pastor and his church when they become liabilities. This doesn't speak much for his loyalty, determination or judgement...

No, I'm just not feelin' the love, I'm sorry to say.

John S -

When October comes around and gasoline is $6 gallon, food is rising 10% a month, people are scratching their heads and wondering where they're going to find $8,000 cash to heat their house in January, and Americans are finally figuring out we're in the worst financial crisis in a century, who do you think they will pick to get us out of this mess?

Um - the same party that created it, the Democrats? The ones who've insisted the oil companies somehow magically lower prices, yet won't allow them to actually drill or upgrade infrastructure... but think they can be tapped for a few dozen billion more in 'windfall profit taxes'? The ones who think the laws of supply and demand don't apply to the oil companies? Who don't mind seeing Google make a 25% profit, but have hysterics over the 8-10% from oil companies? Who don't understand the demand for oil from China and India have driven up the world spot market, and that speculators have really jacked up the price trading oil futures? The ones who've blocked wind power? The ones who block nuclear power? Who want to put an extra energy tax on a gallon of gas that'll run about a buck and a half extra? Who want us to switch to electric vehicles, yet don't want more power plants built to supply electricity?

Those people?

Yeah. They'll fix things. Sure they will. If we're lucky, GDP won't drop more than 10, 15%, and unemployment won't get much above 20%. (Great Depression hit about 25% GDP drop and unemployment above 25% respectively.)

But the press coverage of the decline and fall of the US economy will be absolutely glowing about how good everything is and how all the right choices are being made... Because the Democrats will be in control!


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