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Clinton to Withdraw on Friday Saturday

Update: The Clinton concession event has been bumped to Saturday, and will be held in Washington, D.C.

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Lots of rumors and blogger-fed wacko conspiracies out there, just click here for some of the most ludicrous lunacy this side of Mars...

...but ABC has the correct info. Hillary is out as of this Friday.

Sen. Hillary Clinton held a conference call today with members of Congress and superdelegates in which there were discussions about her plans for getting out of the race, ABC News has learned.

All indications are Clinton will get out of the race by Friday.

Two sources tell ABC News a Friday event was discussed in which Clinton would be flanked by congressional supporters.[...]

Clinton made an emotional visit to her staff at her campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va. -- just after most of them had been told they would no longer have to report to work after Friday.

However Clinton has not told her staff if and when she will officially concede the race to Sen. Barack Obama.

"She is listening. Nothing set," a senior Clinton adviser told ABC News' Kate Snow.

The Clinton adviser said the candidate spoke to staff and with her core team, and then talked to groups of superdelegates.

A campaign staff member who was in the room said Clinton invited all of her campaign staff to come to her Washington, D.C., home on Friday.

Before Clinton arrived, the staff was told that they would be paid through June 15th.

The right wing blogopshere has gone absolutely bonkers with nutty theories and innuendo. It must really upset those racists to imagine a black man has a shot at the White House.

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Comments (2)

Steve Crickmore:

Hillary was badly panned for not being gracious to Obama on Tuesday night, after he won the majority of delegates and was the de facto winner of the primaries. Since then another 26 superdelegates have voted with their feet, all to Obama today, plus the 23 superdelegates yesterday..Hillary's grand total of superdelegates in two days zero. Obama now has a lead of 267 delegates.. with only 119 superdelegates remaining or uncommitted.

According to Ben Smith in Politico,

Clinton had convened a conference call with congressional supporters Wednesday to plead for time. Instead, a Clinton backer said, her supporters laid down the law: Time had run out, and she needed to leave the race this week.

As someone one said the candidate is always the last to know when it is over. Clinton needs to make a great speech Saturday the one, she should have made Tuesday night in order to help salvage her reputation.

It seems Obama has been extending an olive branch but Hillary has been too driven to take it up. As Lee well knows, I have been consistently underwhelmed by Hillary..too much "me,me"..such as in her Tuesday victory speech. Let`s hope she proves her detractors wrong on Saturday... and for the reminder of the campaign works hard for the Democrat`s victory in November, even as it appears she won`t be on any part of the ticket.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Clinton needs to make a great speech Saturday the one, she should have made Tuesday night in order to help salvage her reputation."

At this point Clinton doesn't "owe" anything to her detractors -- and the "she owes us" attitude is just another sign of the arrogance of some Obama supporters.

Clinton still represents a huge block of Democrats, and Clinton needed to hear from those people she represents, and ignore the pleadings of people who have consistently dissed her.

I suspect Clinton may have wanted to negotiate for Obama's support for truly universal health care in place of Obam'a watered down neo-conservative version of progress on this front, just as Edwards wanted to negotiate for support for his poverty eradication issue -- but the misogynists just wouldn't have it.

Apparently some feel it's time for Clinton to ignore the signature issue that defined the difference between Clinton and Obama on the issues, and also ignore the 18 million Democrats who supported her in part because of that difference, and it's time instead for Clinton to get down on her knees and give Obama his due (?)

After all, the man won - it's time to kiss his ring, right?

Dark days may be ahead for Democrats.This is precisely the attitude that is driving female voters to McCain.


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