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Democratic Veep Sweepstakes

One way to get to the answer of who will win the VP slot and become the next Vice-President of the United States is to figure out who among the front-runners won't get it.

John Edwards said no:

John Edwards has ruled out being Barack Obama's running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket, according to interviews carried by two leading Spanish newspapers on Friday.

"I already had the privilege of running for vice president in 2004, and I won't do it again," Edwards was quoted by El Mundo as saying. El Pais, the country's other leading daily, carried similar comments.

And I don't think Clinton will get the nod. Yesterday she tried to distance herself from the Veep race now underway by stating that she wasn't pursuing it. My guess is that she's been told no by Obama and is now distancing herself from the possibility, rather than embrace it then fail to achieve it.

And back at the very start of the Democratic race, back even before the Iowa caucus, Wizbang Blue editors found agreement over Bill Richardson as a viable Democratic VP choice, correctly predicting that Richardson would not go the distance as the presidential nominee, but looked possible for the VP position.

Now, I'm less convinced. In an alternate universe where Clinton wins as the Democratic nominee, Richardson seems (or seemed back then before he endorsed Obama so strongly) to have a shot at it. Today, I just don't see him as being Obama's pick -- too old school, and definitely a bit too eager. The way he handled his attacks on Clinton has put a big red target on his back, and Obama doesn't need to piss off Clinton supporters anymore than he has already. Choosing Richardson would create an uproar that Obama doesn't need.

And at times Joe Biden's name has emerged, but I think that's a remote possibility as well. On the surface Biden offers the international experience that's a nice counter-point to John McBush's offer for four more years of Republican blundering, but there was a moment in one of the Democratic debates where Biden confirms his belief that Obama just isn't ready.... and that moment is already being spotlighted by the Republican National Committee in their TV ads. Goodbye Biden.

Picking a woman to join him on the ticket may seem like an obvious choice for Obama, given the rift in the Democratic party that exists today, and so Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius merits a look. But I think that's a bit too obvious, and I've seen signs that Obama really wants to think outside the box and prove his wisdom with the choice he makes here, so perhaps "the obvious" can be ruled out for... obvious reasons. I'm looking for a real surprise pick that causes of everyone to say "Oh yeah, what a great idea!"


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Steve Crickmore:

A good rundown Lee..Aparently Obama and Al Gore converse regularly on the phone..Let`s see how convincing and charming Obama can really be..That pick would touch all the bases, and as the consciousness of global warming becomes more mainstream (everywhere but with the Bush administration) does Gore really always want to stay forever on the sidelines.


If he picks Gore, then there will be no change. Gore is a has-been, we need new people, with new ideas.

One person he, IMO, should chose for Sec. of Education is Bill Cosby. He just might be able to get the ghetto kids to stay in school and learn something instead of dealing drugs.

But his choice of VP will either help him win or will drive voters away from him.


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