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Clinton for VP Movement - VoteBoth.com

I received this email a few minutes ago:

Dear Friends: I wish you could have been with me Saturday as I joined thousands at the National Building Museum to see Hillary Clinton end her campaign and encourage us to dedicate our energies to electing Barack Obama president. Once again, she showed the nation the courage, grace, determination and vision that have marked her 40 years of public service. More than 18 million voters decided she would make the best president, and even when she ultimately fell short, Hillary remained a strong leader, urging supporters to join her in making sure Barack Obama is our next president. She couldn't be more right. And we can go a step farther and make sure Democrats take back the White House by putting Senator Clinton on the ticket with Senator Obama. Email this link to at least 5 friends and ask them to join you and the 25,000 other VoteBoth.com supporters in urging Senator Obama to pick Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential candidate.


"When we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions, 'Could a woman really serve as commander in chief?'" Hillary Clinton said Saturday. "I think we've answered that one. Together, Senator Obama and I achieved milestones essential to our progress as a nation-- part of our perpetual duties to form a more perfect union."

Picking a vice presidential candidate is Senator Obama's choice, and his alone, and we are committed to making sure he knows why Hillary Clinton is his best choice for the Democratic Party and the country. For the Democrats to win, we must come together with the same energy and excitement that generated record turnouts in the cornfields of Iowa, the plains of South Dakota, and everywhere in between.

Show Senator Obama how strong a choice you and the other 25,000 VoteBoth.com supporters believe Hillary Clinton is by sending this link to at least 5 friends.


For the country we love, stand and be counted in support of a united Obama-Clinton ticket.

Adam Parkhomenko
Founder, www.VoteBoth.com

This from their website:

This website was created months ago with the goal of creating a "dream ticket" -- either Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton.

Now that Senator Obama has won the nomination, the petition is intended to present to Senator Obama the reasons why Hillary Clinton should be his choice for vice president as the person who would add the greatest political strength across the nation and virtually assure victory in November.

The petition invites voters to sign the petition and endorse this request to Senator Obama. At some point all the names endorsing the petition will be forwarded to Senator Obama personally.

All signatories must agree and understand that this is Senator Obama's decision and his alone; and if he chooses someone other than Senator Clinton, the signatories will be committed to working as hard as they can to elect Senator Obama and whoever he chooses to the presidency in November.

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I know Hillary supporters are going to have the knee-jerk reaction to try to urge Sen. Obama to put her on the ticket, but is that really best for the party, ultimately? Don't get me wrong, I love Hillary. I would like to see her in Obama's cabinet, how about Secretary of Health and Human Services Clinton? Let her get universal health care done from there. But please, not on the ticket. It goes against everything Obama has run on and managed to capture the Democratic nomination with. How about Senate Majority Leader Clinton? How about Supreme Court Justice Clinton? Just please, Hillary supporters, not on the ticket.

Barack needs a smart, foreign policy guru as his second. Try these out:

Obama/W. Clark, Obama/B. Richardson,
or Obama/Jim Webb


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