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Another Example: McCain is Bush

Much talk these days over Barack Obama's linking of John McCain with George Bush on the subject of taxes and health care. It seems to make John McCain and his supporters squirm quite a bit as they lie and deny that it's true.

Well... it seems that McCain's lead spokesman Senator Lindsey Graham let it slip that McCain is indeed offering four more years of Bush policies.

Senator John McCain has aggressively tried to distance himself from Bush in an effort to avoid being tagged by Democrats as running for Bush's third term. However, as Think Progress notes, McCain's chief surrogate, Senator Lindsey Graham, did not adhere to that message during his appearance on ABC's This Week, with George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked Sen. Graham if McCain's tax and healthcare policies are essentially "an extension or maybe an enhancement of the Bush policies." Sen. Graham answered, "Yeah, absolutely."

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Comments (3)


Because he disagrees with you on these issues he is "like Bush" ...how silly. He is a Republican so of course he does not support higher taxes and socialized medicine.


MICHEAL, be objective, be be objective. i wish i had some pom poms. So let me see your Granddad was republican, your daddy too, or did you come up with your narrow view all on your own? OH, are you a racist also?


Sandy, you apparently are the epitome of narrow views. You take a perfectly respectful and valid comment and immediately attack the author as being narrow and potentially a racist?? WTF is wrong with you?


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