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Obama or McBush? The Choice is Clear

The publisher of this first video clearly takes some liberties with McCain's quotes, spinning them out of their true context as he has some fun with McBush.... but we can't count on the Republican liars in Washington to talk straight with us anyway... so maybe the context more closely matches reality than the Republican lies we're continually fed.

and now this:

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For sane people the choice is clear - John McCain.


LoL... as soon as I saw the headline of this piece, I immediately thought, "It must be another rant by Lee." DING DING DING we have a winner!

If McCain is Bush... then Obama is Jimmy Carter 2.0... and NO ONE can afford THAT.


OH, you people, how quickly you forget. first Mccain had papa bush (the anti-christ)by his side, than baby bush next, now he says I have to seperate myself from Bushwack,so americans won"t think were connected. So you want a dumb ass, who would dare get on national T.V. and sing, bomb,bomb,bomb,bomb,bomb Iran. THANKS ALOT YOU INBREED ASSES

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Turn it down a notch, Sandy.

Passionate and outspoken = good.

Screaming and profane = less good.


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