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The Right Wing "Terrorist Fist Jab" Smear

Fox News host Ed Hill did her best to terrorize Americans with the notion that Barack Obama has "terrorist" tendencies. These are the kind of smears that most Americans laugh off, but there are those among us who see things like this and believe the worst - and that's the intention of this kind of smear -- to plant that seed of doubt. These seeds, once planted, persist, as is evidenced by those who still believe that Obama is a Muslim, and that he refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance.

Once it was pointed about how ridiculously absurd the claim was Hill apologized, suggesting that the "terrorist fist jab" was a characterization made by others, not by her, but I've found no evidence that supports that claim. From what I can tell, she was the first to suggest that.

Well, her bosses apparently investigated and guess what - Hill is off the air.

Ed Hill, a Fox News anchor has lost her show following her suggestion on air that an on-stage victory gesture made by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama could have been a "terrorist fist jab".

The anchor of a show called "America's Pulse" made the accusation on-air last Friday claiming the signal made between Obama and his wife could have different interpretations including "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab?"

Now why on earth would this kind of smear occur on Fox News, and not on other networks? Could there be an agenda at Fox to slip things like this into the American news cycle?

Is the Pope Catholic?


These folks said the source of the "hand jab" smear was the Human Events blog. I've spent some time searching that blog and haven't located it...

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Comments (29)


or the other smears like:

He belonged to a racist church for 20 years ...
He gave $50,000 to a racist church ...
He got real estate favors from convicted Syrian racketeer ...
He's good friends with a domestic terrorist ...
His wife is finally proud of America ...
He quit smoking ...
He refuses to visit Iraq again ...
He refuses to do townhalls with McCain ...

All smears ...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yep, there's bunch of lies in there, Jeff - thanks for stopping by and showing the dishonesty behind some McCain's supporters.

Ladies and gentlemen - the greatest threat to American security is people like Jeff, who stand in the way of efforts to restore this country to its prior greatness. They lie and smear in an attempt to keep the liars who lead their failed ideology in power. Even John McCain wouldn't stoop this low, but guys like Jeff aren't true Americans, and they have no problem lying.

No wonder Americans are leaving the Republican party in droves. There is no integrity left amongst the right wing jackasses who are out on front of the conservative movement in America t smear Obama.

Even Michelle Malkin is telling these loud-mouthed idiots to back off.

So, Jeff - if you're going to post crap you're going to have to back it up. Let's see some links and quotes to back up those claims you've made - if you have the balls.


Excuse me Lee ... I am a threat to America ?

Who the F*** do you think you are to accuse me of such a thing you pin head piss ant ...

You really want links ...

Do I really need to link to:
He belonged to a racist church for 20 years ...
He gave $50,000 to a racist church ...
He's good friends with a domestic terrorist ...
His wife is finally proud of America ...
He quit smoking ...

For the others maybe you need a link to get your head into some fresh air since you obviously havent been following the Rezko trial, the Ayers links or the Wright/Trinity issues.


fyi ...

Have never voted for a republican presidential candidate ... am a registered Independent ...

I don't like anti-American racists and I think Obama's got way too many racist and anti-American friends for my taste.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sure, Jeff - let's start here. How about a link to anything that supports this smear.

"He's good friends with a domestic terrorist ..."

Who is that? Are you talking about Ayers?

Show us the connection between Obama and Ayers that leads you to make the statement that they are "good friends".

Damn it, Jeff! You'd better vote for him or you'll prove you're a racist! It doesn't matter what you THINK, or WANT, or even FEEL - you'd better vote for Obama because Lee thinks it's the RIGHT thing to do, and all your silly and stupid opinions about who might be better for the job don't matter one damn bit when faced with that!!


Re the smoking - I doubt I'll ever be in the same building with him, so he can smoke all he wants. THAT ain't a problem...


Lee you are such a maroon.


Show us the connection between Obama and Ayers that leads you to make the statement that they are "good friends".

Do you think our memory is as poor as yours?

Back in April you had several posts that YOU authored bemoaning Obama's connection with Bill Ayers.

April 20: Obama and Ayers and Rove: Swiftboating in Waiting

I can tell you that from my months of following and deconstructing Barack Obama closely that Obama is telling us he has exchanged ideas with Ayers, just not on a "regular basis." This is one of Obama's verbal tricks, couching the confession is the middle of a sentence that sounds like a denial. I believe there is more there that needs investigation as well.

April 18: More on Ayers and Obama

Lee quotes Larry Johnson on "Why this Matters"

"At a minimum this reminds us that there is a pattern of bad judgment by Obama. He goes in on a land deal with Tony Rezko even though he knows Rezko is a target of a Federal investigation. And his explanation? A mistake in judgment. Now this. Anyone thinking of running for President should know they cannot take money from a terrorist and they cannot serve on a board with a terrorist. Period. But this simple lesson apparently escapes the brilliant constitutional law professor. This much we do know. Obama does not deny having a relationship with William Ayers. Obama has never repudiated the terrorism of William Ayers. If you think this is a record Obama can run on in the fall and survive you are living in an alternate universe. It is time to get some clear answers to tough questions before the Democrats sell their soul to someone whose lapses in judgment will come back to haunt them in the fall."

The best is April 16:
So who is Billy Ayers?

Another ticking time bomb from Obama's closet, Billy Ayers, aka William Ayers, aka Bill Ayers of the notorious Weather Underground. Obama sure has some strange backers.
Lee Ward:

Get off your high horse Lawson. Your spittle is getting all over the screen.

Nobody has yet claimed that Jeffy is a racist.

And everybody knows that his statement that he's a registered independent is code for "I'm too damned ashamed to admit that I voted for George Bush twice and now intend to vote for McCain."

If I were a Repulican I'd be ashamed to admit it too -- let me guess, Lawson - you're an "independent" also -- lol.

All I've asked Jeff to do - my only demand -- is that he back up his claim that Obama is good friends with a domestic terrorist.

Since Jeff can't - does anyone else want to try?


Read the post just above yours.

Lee Ward:

"Lee you are such a maroon"

Can't I just stay "blue" -- Will we have to change the name of the website to "Wizbang Maroon" now? Lol...

"Back in April you had several posts that YOU authored bemoaning Obama's connection with Bill Ayers."

Yes, I've investigated the connection between Ayers and Obama, and the statement that they are "good friends" is a lie. That's why I challenged Jeffy on that particular lying smear.

And you've provided no proof that supports his claim, but keep trying, Eric -- you're now about 0 for 5 on this blog.

Yes, there is a connection between Obama and Ayers, as I've stated - like all good lying smears, there is the appearance of fact. Liars do that.

Are they "good friends" nope - that's a lie. I have no evidence that are even "friends" period.

You see, Jeff and Eric -- I've been down these roads before, and I know when you're spewing bullshit, and I will call you on it.

Ayers backed Obama at a neighborhood meeting some years ago, and they both served on the board of the same non-profit foundation.

Obama didn't back Ayers, has never expressed any support for Ayers and his past - and Ayers, if I recall correctly, is not now a "domestic terrorist" , but was in the past, back in the 60 and.or 70s.

And the smear stating that they are "good friends" is a lie... but then you haven't posted, quoted or linked to anything that supports that claim either, have you Eric?

Let me guess - you're an "independent" also - lol.

How many of you "independents" didn't vote for Bush in 2000 and/or 2004? Anyone?


Spin spin spin Lee, you must be dizzy from all of that spinning. It explains A LOT.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

by the way, Eric -- anyone who attacks someone and in the process misspells the word "moron" is really pushing it.... Wink. But I appreciate the fervor and determination you show in your repeated attempts to support the lying dogs you sleep with...


I didn't misspell it. You must not be familiar with the collective works of Bugs Bunny.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

No, I'm not a Bugs Bunny fan, sorry, but what does that have to do with the lie about Ayers and Obama being "good friends"...?


Because Lee back in April you thought there was enough of a problem with Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers to author 3 articles about it.

Another ticking time bomb from Obama's closet, Billy Ayers, aka William Ayers, aka Bill Ayers of the notorious Weather Underground. Obama sure has some strange backers.

If this is not a problem why did you describe it as a ticking time bomb?

And when asked about their relationship by the press they refused to respond.

What did you mean by relationship?

Neither Ayers nor the Obama campaign would describe the relationship between the two men. No story here pal, move along... and the Obama-licking press obliged.

What did you mean by that?

Obama will spin this and the Obama-loving press will just lap it up and pee it right back to the American public as nothing worth investigating. This story has been known by the national press for months, and they were perfectly content to allow tens of states primaries go forward without raising the issue in past debates even once.

What's the issue that needs raising here?

You then linked to several Youtube videos one of which talks about Bill Ayers being Barack Obama's MENTOR. This would be the first time I ever heard of someone having a mentor that they didn't have a friendship with.

I repeat YOU linked the Mentor video.


Ah, Lee...

Had your sense of humor removed?

Spittle? Nah, man, I was laughing at you!

Lee Ward:

Yeah, spittle. It's gotten worse lately.

And still nothing even remotely suggesting that Obama and Ayers are "good friends" though, right Eric.



It's just another Republican lie, from a guy who is so ashamed of the word "Republican" that he calls himself an Independent.


Now you are lying Lee. I never said I was ashamed of being a Republican or that I was an Independent. But what should I expect from a disingenuous hack like you. You are not worth my time Lee. You don't even have the sense to know when you've been beaten.

Lee Ward:

It was Jeff lie, Eric. You're just the fool who tried to defend Jeff's lie, and failed. Jeff stated he was an independent, not you.

There's no doubt you're a Republican, Eric. Absolutely no doubt.

So... disagreeing with you is spittle. Mocking you is spittle, laughing at you is spittle, questioning Obama's qualifications is more spittle, questioning whether Democrats really have a clue is spittle...

And you seem to think you're being persuasive in convincing people to vote for Obama.

Man, you did have your sense of humor removed.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Naw -- my sense of humor is well-intact, and I'm having a ball.

I'm just noticing that you used to be capable of reasonable discourse and lately you are tend to mock and spittle and laugh more than debate and argue. You'd actually post intelligent comments on occasion.

You're now taking the easy, trollish, childish route. Pity...

Come up with something worth discoursing on, then. Lately, you've seemed to be going the rather 'trollish' route yourself. I mean really, blaming the tomato salmonella problem on Bush?

Oh, right - not enough food inspectors. But there was a bill to provide tracking (Degette's H.R. 3485) ... which seems to have gotten stalled. Funny, isn't it, how Congress seems to think that wasn't important enough to fast-track? Or fund?

(Speaking of funding, did you know Rep. Murtha loaded $166 million in earmarks into the latest budget bill? That there was a half-billion in non-military earmarks in '07? That would have been more than enough to supply the FDA with sufficient cash - too bad it had to go to other places.)

But there I go - suggesting you provide something other than what YOU want to put up here. It's your blog (well, yours and Paul's) and you determine what you post. And I realize that's pretty rude of me, and I apologize sincerely.

Anyhow - have a good evening. It's pretty late here on the East Coast, and I gotta hit the sack.

Hey, Lee?

I just reread that comment I tossed at you - would you just go ahead and yank it? I apologize for the tone, and it really didn't add anything here. Sorry for that...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

hmmm, the tomato post is Paul Hooson's, not mine. If you disagree with what Paul wrote, feel free to state why -- but your trolling and ad hominem attacks are adding nothing. It's no big deal, we get this kind of crap all the time. I won't delete it.

As I said yesterday, you used to be an adult. I suspect you were polite when I was pumping for Hillary and dissing Obama, and now that Democrats are uniting and going after McCain you have resorted to being a right wing troll.


Lee, I have to admit, you're a great case study of self contradiction and contortion. I've been reading your posts about Obama for a while now. Time and time again you engaged in all manner of ridiculing him and perpetuating what you now call "lies" by your attempts to lend credibility to them. You certainly made no effort to justify or defend any of the charges leveled against Obama. In your zeal to support Clinton, you had no qualms about it either. Your posts speak for themselves, Lee. Your candidate didn't make the grade so now, in an amazing display of vapidity and pretense, you criticize others for "smears" you perpetuated yourself. Your tepid denials here do not erase that. In fact, I find your opportunism amusing.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm glad you're amused. Clinton was my candidate of choice, but my fellow Democrats chose Obama over Clinton.

But there is absolutely no question that this great nation cannot afford four more years of Republican bumbling.

A smear is a smear - I'm reporting what the GOP is up to. It's obvious you agree with this post, as you haven't denied that the Fox News anchor engaged in a baseless, fear-mongering smear...

But then all you've engaged in is a vague ad hominem attack against my credibility - not surprising since defending guys like Bush and Cheney, who were once again proven to be monumental liars just in the last few weeks, is pretty much impossible.

"Terrorist Fist Jab???" - Amazing. It's amazing that you can't admit that statement is just a smear. Where's your integrity? What's at the core of your dishonesty and hatred? What drives you to ignore the truth time and time again.

How can you people rise up in the defense of war profiteers like Dick Cheney and his pals at Halliburton?

It's as sickening as the sight of Republicans rising up in defense of oil company profits, as decent, hard-working Americans struggle with $4+ gasoline, and the inflation that fuel costs will create.

When did Republicans start to hate their fellow Americans so much that they will defend profiteers like this rather than rise up and help the true patriots fight for this country?


Thank you for pointing out that my lack of a condemnation for the words of Hill was conspicuous in its absence, Lee. But it doesn't prove that I "obviously agree" with her. So for the record, I find what she said to be stupid and vacuous.

Now that you've leveled your charges at me and I have responded with my feelings about the subject, why don't you explain the double standard you're engaging in? You're "reporting what the GOP is up to" when you've been up to the same thing for months now. By your own words, Obama the Shyster, Obama the Liar, Obama the Election Day Thug, Obama the Arrogant [these are all your adjectives and there's more] was not fit to be President. Now you want to throw yourself between him and anyone who even criticizes him.

As I said - amusing.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

We have a simple choice. McCain or Obama.

It'll be Obama. Folks like you and folks like me will insure that's the case.

Is any politician perfect? Nope. Were of the republican contenders the ideal candidate for you? None of the Democrats were the ideal as far as I'm concerned.

But the choice simply comes down to more of the same or change.

It'll be change in November. It'll be Obama. You can flail away at all of the windmills you choose, Oyster, but it's a given, no mater how much you hate the idea, and those who voice support of that change.


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