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Job Creation Data: Democrats Better Than Republicans

Paul Krugman:

Dean Baker is upset at a news report suggesting that John McCain -- unlike Barack Obama! -- is concerned with job creation.

I feel his pain. If there's one thing that stands out above all over the economic record of the past 16 years, it's the contrast between stellar employment performance under Clinton and dismal performance under Bush. You can offer various excuses and explanations, but how anyone can suggest that Republicans are more committed to and/or credible about job creation is a mystery.

The claim that Republican politicians even give a crap about working-class Americans is just another right wing lie.


Chart these dismal Republican job creation results against charts showing oil company profits and you'll see exactly where Republican allegiances and interests lay...

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Comments (6)


yep. all those jobs being created in the 90's. all bill clinton's. had nothing to do with the tech bubble. oh...and that dip at the beginning of bush's term? that had nothing to do with the recession he inherited from bush, or the effects of 9/11. yeah. nice spin on those numbers.

but then the left always fudges the economic numbers. just look at '92. all is gloom and doom because of bush. once clinton got elected, suddenly things aren't so bad.

sorry. but the left has no credibility on economic numbers in election years. not that the right is much better.


Wasn't Krugman the economist for Enron ?

I guess he has experience advising people on how to run a scam ... looks like he's advising the Dems on yet another one ...


As usual with a liberal, 9/11 didn't happen or wasn't so bad or was the fault of the evil Republicans ...

Talk about bring a knife to an intellectual gun fight ... weak tea ... as usual ...

deranged and angry is no way to go thru life ... sad :(

Lee Ward:

Bush's meteoric failure to create job during his 8 years in office began, as you can see from the chart above, the instant he took office, long before 9/11.

Blame on Clinton, blame it on bin-Laden, just don't take any responsibility for your actions and decisions as you try to lie your way into four more years.

Republicans screwed this nation for 8 long years, and now want to blame it on everyone else.

Morally bankrupt Republicans - don't you love 'em?


lee, you are the one who is lying by putting up those numbers with no context. clinton inherited a fundamentally strong economy and was stopped from his more statist agendas by a republican congress. and don't forget that it was on his watch that the tech bubble and burst happened. that's not to say that clinton also didn't do some good things for the economy. welfare reform comes to mind.

bush inherited a weak economy, made weaker by 9/11, and then expanded government. the tax cuts helped for a while (you can see that in the charts you provided) but the monetary policy, credit crunch, housing bubble, and energy speculation are bringing the economy back down.

is some of that bush's fault? absolutely. but you give him all of the blame for the bad things and you don't give him credit where he has made the correct decision.

in a nutshell, lee. it's you who are lying.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Feel free to put all of the spin you want, but the numbers tell the whole story.

Clinton, the Democrat, produced - right up to the last month of his term.

Bush, the Republican, failed, beginning with the 2nd month of his term - 8 months before 9/11.

Did the economy change overnight the second Bush entered office? No, just the priorities... and the culture. Instead of government working for the people, government went to work for corporations instead.

Republicans, unwilling to accept responsibility for their party's failures, can whine, bitch, blame, and deny, but the facts speak for themselves.

The economy didn't change overnight - what changed overnight was Clinton was gone and Bush was in.

What followed was a big decline and slowdown in job creation after 8 solid, consistent, consecutive years of growth.

But not to worry, ke-future - the oil companies and defense industry corporations have enjoyed record profits, and huge growth.

It's just a question of priorities....


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