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Guess Again, John McCain

A Mom says no to John McCain.

Update: Some GOP bigwigs have their panties all in a bunch over this ad:

MoveOn.org says the ad reflects their concern about what they call, McCain's reckless foreign policy. But there has been swift and angry reaction from Republicans.

The newly elected chairman of the Lucas County GOP was in Columbus Tuesday night and commented on the ad campaign.

"John McCain is a war hero. I don't think anyone who was a prisoner of war seriously wants to be in a war for 100 years or see other people hurt in a war for that matter. It was a shameless ad, using a baby like that," said Jon Stainbrook.

In the eyes of Republican party officials, it isn't shameless to send American men and women off to Iraq to fight a war for the oil companies, but a Mother saying no to such nonsense in a television ad is shameful?

The twisted priorities of the Republican party have no place in shaping modern American foreign policy.

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Comments (2)


When did we stop having an all volunteer Army ?

Isn't a Draft a Democratic proposal ?

Facts are such useless things to the left ...


Well, at least she seems to be OK with Obama sending him to Afghanistan or Pakistan.


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