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Republicans Ask Rape Victims to Roll Over

The GOP has definitely become the "Gas and Oil Party." It's time for us to use our heads, and not listen to the Republicans, they'll lie to use time and time again....

President Bush just appeared on national television imploring Democrats in Congress to help his pals in the oil industry by opening up new areas for drilling, including ANWR. Eight years of a failed energy policy has resulted in record prices at the gas pumps. Rather than accept responsibility for failing to lead our country through the changes needed to wean us away and reduce demand for oil (which reduces profits for the oil companies), Republicans want Americans to roll over and take it again.

Screwing us by lying our country into an Iraq war that was purely for the benefit of oil interests, and that had nothing to do with terrorism and the 9/11 attacks, wasn't enough. It's time to roll over Americans, and let the GOP do it again.

Oil companies currently hold leases on 68 million acres of federal land, onshore and offshore, that isn't being utilized. There's 20 years of supply available now, under current leases, but the greedy oil companies want more, more, more... and the Gas and Oil Party is happy to oblige.

It would take as long as ten years before we'd see the production from new offshore drilling would hit the gas pumps. The Republicans screwed us once, and now they want to screw us again. Enough is enough...

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Comments (4)


lee, the headline to this post is beyond the pale.

you should be ashamed of yourself, but somehow i don't think you are.


Sociopaths don't feel shame. The Left wants to turn us into a Third World dictatorshp and they don't even try to hide it. They are pure evil.


Actually, the last two years of a democratically controlled congress has led to "record prices at the gas pumps". Please research gas prices as a function of time over the last 3 years. It looks like a logrithmic curve.

What happened to Nancy Pelosi's pledge to address gas prices with her new-found power? Matter of fact, what's happened to ANY of the pledges she made?

Oh wait....fogot about that raising of the minimum wage thing. Of course the under 25 set who couldn't get jobs last quarter because of it are quite aware.


"It would take as long as ten years before we'd see the production from new offshore drilling would hit the gas pumps."

Funny, I made pretty much the same argument yesterday while talking to someone, except that it would take as long as ten years before enough solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric sources could be brought online to ease the energy crisis. So screw 'em. They're not the solution.



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