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McCain Lies Just Like Bush

FactCheck.org checked out McCain's recent claims, and found where he's lying:

McCain has spent the week focusing on energy policy, making some surprising, and inaccurate, statements.

Among them:
He said that ending a moratorium on offshore oil drilling "would be very helpful in the short term in resolving our energy crisis." But according to a government report, offshore oil wouldn't have much of an impact on supply or prices until 2030.

McCain tried to paint Obama as an opponent of nuclear power, yet Obama has said he is open to nuclear energy being part of the solution and has supported bills that contained nuclear subsidies.

He has soft-pedaled the "cap" portion of his cap-and-trade proposal for greenhouse gases, even denying that it would be a mandate. The cap is a mandatory limit, however, and McCain even says so on his Web site.

McCain's new ad, running this week, rightly says that he bucked his party in supporting action on climate change years ago. But its images of windmills and solar panels are misleading in that he supports subsidies for nuclear power, which isn't pictured, and opposes them for wind and solar energy.

McCain continues to say that a suspension of the federal gas tax will lower prices for consumers, though hundreds of economists say he is wrong.

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Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Obviously some people like to believe the lies told by Mccain -- feel free. He wouldn't tell the lies he tells unless there were people willing to drink the kool-aid.


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