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Obama Strategy Going Forward

David Plouffe, Campaign Manager of Obama for America, outlines campaign strategy in terms of battleground states, fund raising, and turning the success of the primary race into success in November for Democrats.

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This campaign's been built on the backs of millions of Americans who believe in change and want to take their country back.

It's up to us to carry the financial burden going forward, and we're fighting a political party that has operated for the last eight years not in the interest of the American people, but to the benefit of big oil and America's corporate and political 'actors' in the Middle East.

They've got the deep pockets behind them, but we've got them outnumbered. There may be hundreds of corporate partners lining up behind the candidacy of John McBush, but there are millions of Americans lining up behind Barack Obama, and we the people can win the fight to take back our great nation.

Standing shoulder to shoulder are a million American volunteers working at the grassroots level, and there are plenty of opportunities to support the campaign with your donation, but your assistance can be as simple as asking a co-worker if they've decided who they're going to vote for this November.

Listen to their answer, without running through your own script and thinking about how they'll respond as you do so... just listen to them and do your best to understand their point of view. Then explain why you feel it's time to change the way Washington works, and set this great nation back onto the course that made this nation great to begin with.

It's time for us to stop favoring the richest Americans and the corporations, and to put the government to work for the rest of us.

All of us. Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown and Rainbow. Men, Women, college students, factory workers -- folks from every walk of life -- and the generations of Americans following in our footsteps.

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Hey guys, this thing is bigger than the media or polls is even remotely showing at this point.

I live in Logan, Utah. One of the reddest areas in the reddest state in the union. Tomorrow afternoon, I am attending an event for supporters of Sen. Obama which is coordinated nationwide with over 3,000 other events.

The meeting was originally to take place at the Cache County Democratic Party offices, a small suite in a larger office building, which could probably pack in about 30 people.

The event has now been moved TWICE because of over 2,000 RSVPs received from Obama's website and by telephone. First it was moved to the business of a local Democratic candidate for the US House, and now it is being moved to one of the local high school gyms.

If you guys only knew what it is like to be a Democrat in Cache County, Utah, this in nothing short of breathtaking.


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