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Stupid Bigot, Jesse Helms Dead At 86

Certainly all right thinking persons regret the death of anyone. And best wishes to anyone in the Helms family need to be extended at this sorrowful time for them. However as a lawmaker, Helms was one of the very worst of any legislator ever. No bigger tool for the tobacco industry probably ever lived. And it didn't take much effort to pull some racist reaction out of this guy. If any legislation was socially backward and regressive, then you could trust that Helms was behind it.

Helms shouldn't really be labeled as a conservative. There are a great many respectable conservatives. Helms was just a cheap bigot and a social regressive self-parody. Even fellow Republican Robert Dole called Helms "Senator No", because he was so difficult to deal with. Yet he was elected and re-elected to the Senate for many years for some unknown reason.

Helms was even responsible for adding obscenity offenses onto the list of federal racketeering offenses which was both draconian and made no legal sense at all. How someone like a Helms can equate some comic like George Carlin, who was once arrested on obscenity charges for doing his "Seven Dirty Words" routine, with organized crime figures who traffic in drugs, murder for hire or loan sharking makes no sense at all.

Under the draconian Helms bill, a person arrested for just two obscenity offenses can be charged under racketeering, which allows for a 20 year sentence as well as the government seizure of any property or proceeds connected with the supposed obscenity "crime". For example, if a record store sells just two copies of some controversial rap albums with explicit lyrics in some conservative community, then the record store owner can be sentenced to 20 years in prison as a racketeer, and his record store, home, car and any bank accounts can be seized by the government as proceeds of racketeer activity.

If the Helms notion was to control free speech out of intimidation and fear, then it has only been a partial success. But still for anyone actually charged for such a free speech crime, it is only a tragic life destroying event and a total abuse of the criminal justice system.

It has also been said that Helms once was caught whistling "Dixie' while in a Senate building elevator while he well knew that African American Senator Carol Moseley-Braun was in the car, which was an outrageous racist incident by a very ignorant man. Helms successfully fought off an African American senate challenger, Harvey Gantt, for a senate election with a clearly racist ad where it looked like Blacks were taking away White jobs. It was never below the dignity of Helms to stoop to the lowest possible standards. The man was simply a first class bastard. Helms was almost reason enough for many to become completely angry at all politics and throw away their voting card.

I'd like to be able to say at least one good thing about Helms at this time. But I just can't think of anything good to say about him. He was the absolute worst. The voters of North Carolina were complete fools to ever elect him to any public office. In most U.S. states a guy like this wouldn't be elected dog catcher. Helms was ever so lucky to live in a state where his very limited intellectual and reasoning skills were deemed good enough to help him get elected U.S. senator in the first place.

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Not only was he a staunch conservative, he used to tweak the libtards noses all the time. He made more fun of the liberals and made them look more stupid, than their own actions did.
May the great man rest in peace

Great men are men like Lincoln who moved the country ahead or proved courage. Helms did neither.

The tobacco industry needed a spineless stooge to promote their death industry, and easily found their man in Helms. And when even Senate leaders like fellow Republican Robert Dole found Helms very difficult to deal with, then you knew something was wrong.

Strom Thurmond and Helms were like two old dinosaurs left over from the segregation days, where neither socially evolved enough to fully join the human race or the 20th century. I wish I could say better about the man, especially with his passing, but there's just nothing good that I can find other than Helms finally realized what a terrible thing AIDS was and joined a campaign by U2 singer Bono to raise money for that cause.

Steve Crickmore:

George Bush's gushing eulogy on Jesse Helms begins with 'our good friend, a great American`, goes on to talk about 'a tireless advocate, a stalwart defender'...etc. etc. and ends with : "Today, Jesse Helms has finished the race, and we pray he finds comfort in the arms of the loving God he strove to serve throughout his life."

One blogger in response:"I pray he finds that God is a pissed-off black lesbian."


So Robert Byrd, when the reaper comes from him, will get similar treatment for his loving embrace of black equality?

Funny comment, Steve. Great. ---SCS, at least Robert Byrd has grown beyond his racist past. Helms was a political dinosaur by comparison. Look at President Bush by comparison. He's a political conservative, but there's not a racist bone in his body. And he took the time to learn Spanish to communicate with that community as well and is more of a moderate on immigration issues. Helms was simply an ongoing embarrassment to the Republican Party while serving in the Senate in more modern times. He did nothing positive for the image of Republicans or his state in modern times and should have quit politics during the mid 1960's when segregation was quickly going out of fashion in the South.


I'm not happy he is dead, but I am happy he is no longer a part of the Senate. The idea that this moron could get elected to a powerful public office in this day and age doesn't say anything good about us as a society, most especially the state that elected him. I don't care how many terms he has served or how experienced he is, you don't keep electing a backwards racist just because he has been sitting in the same seat since slavery was legal. Lets hope NC has the good sense to elect a reasonable human being in his stead.

@codekeyguy: Helms never made liberals look like idiots, only himself. Although perhaps he made you look like an idiot, too, if anyone saw you agreeing with him. And if your criteria for being a "great man" only includes making fun of liberals, I can only hope that you're too lazy leave your couch and TV come voting time.


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