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Republicans Supress Global Warming Testimony

News breaking this morning that the office of the Vice President suppressed and forced the withholding of testimony from the EPA CDC regarding the health threats presented by Global Warming.

That's right -- Republicans are willing to put American lives in peril in order to protect their pals in the energy industries.

Vice President Dick Cheney's office pushed for major deletions in congressional testimony on the public health consequences of climate change, fearing the presentation by a leading health official might make it harder to avoid regulating greenhouse gases, a former EPA officials maintains.

When six pages were cut from testimony on climate change and public health by the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last October, the White House insisted the changes were made because of reservations raised by White House advisers about the accuracy of the science.

But Jason K. Burnett, until last month the senior adviser on climate change to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson, says that Cheney's office was deeply involved in getting nearly half of the CDC's original draft testimony removed.

Your government, when run by Republicans, places your health low on the priority scale.

"The Council on Environmental Quality and the office of the vice president were seeking deletions to the CDC testimony (concerning) ... any discussions of the human health consequences of climate change," Burnett has told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
Burnett, 31, a lifelong Democrat who resigned his post last month as associate deputy EPA administrator because of disagreements over the agency's response to climate change, describes deep political concerns at the White House, including in Cheney's office, about linking climate change directly to public health or damage to the environment.[...]

Scientists believe manmade pollution is warming the earth and if the process is not reversed it will cause significant climate changes that pose broad public health problems from increases in disease to more injuries from severe weather.

Senate and House committees have been trying for months to get e-mail exchanges and other documents to determine the extent of political influence on government scientists, but have been rebuffed.

The letter by Burnett for the first time suggests that Cheney's office was deeply involved in downplaying the impacts of climate change as related to public health and welfare, Senate investigators believe.

Cheney's office also objected last January over congressional testimony by Administrator Johnson that "greenhouse gas emissions harm the environment."

An official in Cheney's office "called to tell me that his office wanted the language changed" with references to climate change harming the environment deleted, Burnett said. Nevertheless, the phrase was left in Johnson's testimony.

Update: Senator Barbara Boxer held a press conference this afternoon on this subject:

The disclosure about Cheney's office heightens the tension between the Democratic Congress and the Bush administration on the nation's top environmental issue -- climate change. For months, Democrats in Congress have complained that the EPA has stymied efforts to deal with climate change, including by blocking California efforts to regulate motor-vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, and by withholding a finding that climate change poses a danger to public health and the environment. Now, the rhetoric is ratcheting up.

"We know that the administration's efforts have been about covering up the real dangers of global warming and hiding facts from the public," Sen. Boxer said at a press conference Tuesday. "This cover-up is being directed from the White House and the Office of the Vice President."

The allegations come as the EPA is in a standoff with the OMB over the publication of a document that could become the legal roadmap for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions in the U.S. The draft document, reviewed by Dow Jones Newswires, outlines how the government could regulate emissions from sources such as cars and trucks, power plants and refineries.

But OMB asked the EPA to delete sections of the document that say such emissions endanger public welfare, according to people familiar with the matter. It marks at least the second such time that the Bush administration has sought to keep such findings away from the public.

"I am asking EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to release every document related to the agency's finding that global warming poses a danger to the public," Sen. Boxer said.

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Comments (8)


thats because man made global warming is nothing but a scam ...

Lee Ward:

Republicans attempt Global Warming Scam - lol

"Instead of idly debating the precise extent of global warming, or the precise timeline of global warming, we need to deal with the central facts of rising temperatures, rising waters, and all the endless troubles that global warming will bring," he said at a Vestas wind turbine manufacturing plant in Oregon, where the environment is a central issue for voters. "We stand warned by serious and credible scientists across the world that time is short and the dangers are great."

--- John McCain, Republican

McCain supports a cap and trade system to reduce greenhouse gases.

Even if you don't believe that greenhouse gases are the cause, reducing those emissions is one of the cures.

Republicans who stand by and do nothing are like the dinosaurs who preceded them. Time to sweep away the old and welcome a new, responsible approach to dealing with climate change.

It's easy to suggest that Global Warming will be the most notable failure of the current Republican administration -- but there are so many failures of this administration -- 60% growth in government over 8 years, Iraq, the rape of the Constitution -- it's difficult to choose just one issue.


this is idiotic:
Even if you don't believe that greenhouse gases are the cause, reducing those emissions is one of the cures.

if you don't believe that greenhouse gasses are a cause, then how in the hell can reducing them be part of the cure? that just makes no sense.

*for the record, i'd like to see greener, more renewable energy in general, but i don't believe that mankind has had a significant effect on global climate change. the climate changes. how do i know this you ask? simple, ask yourelf how Greenland got it's name :)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

There's no question that greenhouse gases are a contributory cause, even if you believe that climate change is cyclical.

...but it is apparent that some Republicans feel that if you move to mitigate greenhouse gases you are as much as admitting that greenhouse gases are bad and are a contributory cause.

We can't have that - Exxon wouldn't like it. Their billions in profits might shrink.

As I said - republicans favor oil company interests over all else.


billions in profits on billions of dollars in sales. in the end they make less than 10% profit. name another industry that makes as small a percentage of profits.

it's not that republicans favor oil company interests over all else, lee. hell, i really don't have any interest in how a particular company other than the one i am working for is doing. however, we do care about how costly mandates with little concrete science behind them will negatively impact the economy in already tough times.

we also question the validity of the man-made global warming scam.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

A ten percent profit profit margin is quite good in comparison.

And I'll call bullshit on the negative impact for a rough economy -- Republican oil industry handlickers were fighting against the recognition of global warming long before the economy turned south.


The oil industries claim of low profit margins is hilarious. Let's say their profit margin is 7%. A gallon of gas used to cost two dollars, so 7%, is 14 cents. Now let's say the oil industry figured out a way to inflate price of a gallon of gas to say 4.00, that same 7% on that same gallon of gas is now 28 cents.

The exact same gallon of gas is now earning double what it did two or three years ago, that's a neat little trick. Now launch a missle at a peaceful Iran, you know the country that hasn't attacked anybody in oh 400+ years, and you might make 42 cents a gallon.

Any questions? This post was not paid for by the people of America's oil and natural gas industries.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're paying too close attention. Come on JG -- Republicans work magic on the economy -- but you aren't supposed to watch their hands!

Just keep your eye on the flag (as they pick your pockets, run your country into debt, devalue the dollar -- all the while protecting oil company profits....)


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