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Worst Inflation Since ...

Record gasoline and higher food prices spark inflation, leading to a 5% annual jump in the Consumer Price Index... the biggest jump since 1991.

And who was President in 1991?


Bush Junior has presided over eight years of mismanagement that brought us unprecedented growth of government, the monumental waste of lives and money in Iraq, the near collapse of the US dollar against foreign currencies, tax cuts for the rich, muscle and profit protection of the oil industry, and now record-level inflation.

It's time for a change, not four more years of Bush's failed leadership from John McSame.

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Comments (9)

Like father, like son.

John S:

You Democrats are being modest. Jimmy Carter managed 15% inflation.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Carter inherited Dick Nixon's failing economy. It wasn't all Dick's fault, the economy started to fail as a result of the OPEC oil embargo in 1973-1974.

Hmmmm, oil was a major problem during the Nixon administration..., spurring higher prices and inflation, and now we're seeing oil prices once again driving up inflation under another Republican president.

Imagine that.

Obama will inherit Baby Bush's failing economy as well, and twenty years from now conservatives will blame the 2009 depression on Obama.

The skyrocketing inflation of 1991 cited in the post above was inherited by Clinton, who promptly turned it around. Carter failed to do so, but Clinton clearly succeeded. Now Obama will get his chance.

Imagine that. Funny how history repeats itself, eh? Democrats are brought in to clean up the mess made by Republicans, and this has been going on for decades now.

Well, don't worry, John. Hopefully Obama will do as well as Clinton did in cleaning up the Republican crap. At this point I'd predict Obama coming out on top against McSame 58% to 39% - a 19 point spread. McCain does not have a prayer...

"At this point I'd predict Obama coming out on top against McSame 58% to 39% - a 19 point spread. McCain does not have a prayer..."


Hmmmm. I'll take just 15 points if you want to consider a friendly wager? Terms?


There is no doubt that the chimp has screwed up big time, along with the whole GOP that had no oversight for 6 years. Now that the crap is hitting the fan, blame the Demo's.

That BS will not work, and the average American is asking themselves, were we better off 8 years ago? The answer is yes we were.

But truth be known, both parties are responsible. Not one of our elected people are working for the American taxpayer. WAKE UP!

Everyone of our elected people are guilty of war crimes. They all let it happen on their watch. We, all of us are also responsible for electing these a**holes into office time after time.

Even though the chimp calls the constitution a God**mn piece of paper, those who support him are more guilty than the dumb taxpayers who go along with his BS.

Any one who has a problem with this, well too damn bad, but it's the truth. And neither McSame or Obama is going to really change anything. But no matter who is elected to the White House has some serious problems to fix, thanks to the chimp in charge for the last several years.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hugh - Too much can change between now and then - but I'll make a call and wager on election eve with you.

ed davis:


You people really believe that the President of the United States of America is a synonym for CFO of the American economy.

I've heard the monicker Commander in Chief, but never CFO, CEO (whatever) of America. Did I miss something in kindergarten that the enlightened left did not?

Seeing similar deluded points of view here never ceases to amaze me.

[Irrelevant spam link removed - Lee Ward]

And, remember, your negative attitude towards life is George Bush's fault!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ed Davis is one of the resident morons who trickle over from Wizbang to crap on our comment threads. I've removed a link that he posts periodically that is totally irrelevant to the conversation. Do it again, ed, and your ass is banned.

As to your moronic droolings - The POTUS is not an economic COO, ed, and nobody here has claimed that he is. However, the POTUS has a great deal of influence over job creation, wage and price inflation (i.e. through the failed US energy policies created by Dick Cheney and the oil companies).

Didn't you receive an "economic stimulus" check from the government recently? Do you think it came from the tooth fairy, and not the President?

And if you don't recognize that the Bush energy policy is having a direct and significant effect on our economy then you're a drooling idiot.

My bad - that's already been established.

Ed Davis in a past comment: "I sometimes think I suffer from End Times Stress Disorder."

Ed used an email address in posting the preceding comment that references Mark Chapter 13, which is where Jesus offers his followers an extended prediction of a coming apocalypse.

Why don't you take your religious extremism and your shiny tin-foil hat back to Wizbang and leave the adults alone, Ed. You're not welcome here - can I make it any clearer than that? You're a fruitcake conservative nut case. Be gone!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Further investigation has revealed that "Ed" has also posted spam comments here under the names of "danny driesen", "Another Archimedes Plato" and "Boehner, Major" - and was warned about his spam links in the past, so I've gone ahead and banned him.


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