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Bob Novak, Republican Chump of the Week

Bob Novak, conservative columnist and chief media stooge for the McCain campaign and the GOP, admits that the McCain camp may have used him as a patsy to push the "VP selection this week" lie...

Robert Novak's big story last night -- that Republican John McCain might be about to announce his running mate -- may have just been "a dodge" by the campaign to try and grab some headlines away from Democrat Barack Obama, Novak just conceded on Fox News Channel.

Novak said he'd gotten the tip from a "very senior McCain aide" and that the campaign "suggested I put it out."

He called "another senior person" who wouldn't comment, other than to say "wouldn't this be a terrific week?" to announce a running mate, since Obama is overseas getting tons of media attention. "So I just put something on the Internet," Novak added.

But now, he said, he's been told by "certain people" that he may have been used:

McCain and his lying pack of campaign cheats... and now Novak is the Chump of the Week.

McCain is looking pretty desperate -- and I'm not sure this is the kind of coverage he was hoping for out of this story.

Update: From Novak, (via email)

As Obama prepared to arrive in Baghdad, the McCain campaign leaked to us word that he would name his vice presidential candidate this week. As we go to press, this seems most unlikely, and appears a clumsy attempt by McCain aides to create a buzz in the midst of Obama's triumphal tour.

And how much of a success has Obama's trip been so far? Novak again:

1. The Afghanistan-Iraq segment of Sen. Barack Obama's foreign trip was an unqualified success. He committed no blunder as Republicans had hoped he would, and had the good luck to play into the Iraqi government's negotiations for a U.S. treaty--making it seem as though the Iraqis endorsed his withdrawal plans. The visit increased Republican defeatism and Democratic triumphalism.

2. The response by Republicans is that any time the inexperienced Obama enters the realm of Iraq policy he has entered into Sen. John McCain's area of expertise. But this may be a case of whistling past the graveyard.

3. The problem for McCain is that Obama can now say that there is a difference of only months between his proposal for withdrawal and that of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The danger for Obama is that he has strayed far from his strict and simple 16-month withdrawal pan, which was instrumental in defeating Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Obama also is plagued by not admitting that the Surge, which he opposed, is the reason that Iraq is secure enough for him to visit.

4. Obama has known since the beginning of his campaign what was needed to bridge the Iraq demands of Democratic primary voters and general election voters: a convincing argument that withdrawal can be done honorably and safely.As Obama puts it, we need to be "as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in." The "al-Maliki endorsement" greatly bolsters Obama on this score.

And to make matters worse for Novak:

Syndicated columnist Robert Novak says he has been issued a $50 citation after hitting a pedestrian while driving in downtown Washington.

Witnesses say the collision occurred about 10 a.m. Wednesday as the 77-year-old Novak was traveling near K Street in his black Chevrolet Corvette.

D.C. fire department spokesman Alan Etter said the victim was taken to George Washington University hospital with minor injuries.

Novak tells WJLA-TV he was cited for failing to yield the right of way. He says he didn't realize what happened and continued driving until a bicyclist stopped him.

David Bono, the bicyclist who witnessed the incident, told The Associated Press that the pedestrian was hit in a crosswalk and was splayed across Novak's windshield.

Chump of the week honors - and he doesn't notice the pedestrian splayed across his windshield? Whoa... a bad week for Bob.

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