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McCain Campaign Says High Gas Prices Obama's Fault


Republican John McCain worked Monday to wrestle the spotlight from Barack Obama's tour of Iraq by insisting he was right and the Democrat was wrong about the war.

As Mr. Obama toured the war zones trailed by network TV anchors, Mr. McCain ridiculed him from afar during a visit with former President George Bush at the former president's summer home on the Atlantic. At the same time, Mr. McCain released a new ad blaming Mr. Obama for higher gasoline prices.

At least the GOP is resisting shaking the Osama bin-Laden boogeyman doll at the American electorate (so far anyway - a wise choice since bin-Laden's freedom underscores a significant failure of the Bush administration) and has decided to make Obama into a boogeyman instead.

It's Obama's fault gas prices are where they are? Really...? Are you fracking serious?

The Republicans are pulling their middle legs again, America - don't let them pull yours too.

After 7 years of George Bush as Chimpanzee in Chief, you are smart enough to figure it out this time? Say it with me now -- never again, never again...


  • FactCheck.org - McCain Ad a Full Tank of Nonsense "McCain ad says Obama's the guy to thank for emptying our wallets at the filling station. We say that's ridiculous."
  • Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle: McCain ad blaming Obama for high gas prices 'comical'

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After all that Bush and McCain did to get their war for oil in Iraq that backfired and caused oil prices to jump 41% since just January, they come up with more nonsense like this. This is just more pathetic proof that with Bush and McCain, the Republican Party is being led by the braindead, looking to some voters who know even less yet to keep them in office. Reminds me of a bumper stick I once saw, "VOTE REPUBLICAN: IT'S EASIER THAN THINKING".

Unfortunately, McCain hangs around so close to Obama in the polls, even though he has no intelligent solutions to any single problem that I know of. By contrast, you just know that Obama will delegate responsibility to the right people to achieve real results.


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