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That's Not What Freedom Means, Senator McCain

Iraq War veteran Brandon Woods explains freedom to John McCain with respect to the occupation of Iraq:

In a statement the chairman of VoteVets, Jon Soltz - also an Iraq war veteran - noted that Mr. McCain once said that the United States should pull troops out of Iraq if asked to do so by the Iraqis.

"Senator McCain now either has to back off his refusal to set a plan to leave Iraq, as Prime Minister Maliki requested, or tell the American and Iraqi people why he would overrule Iraq's government and make our troops into an indefinite occupying force," Mr. Soltz said. He also expressed support for Senator Barack Obama's plan to redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

I wrote about this dichotomy as well a few days ago, in a post titled "Is McCain a Man of his Word, or Not?":

Back in April, 2004 Senator John McCain said that if the Iraqi government asked us to leave Iraq then we should leave, regardless of our own concerns over security.
Question: Let me give you a hypothetical, senator. What would or should we do if ... a so-called sovereign Iraqi government asks us to leave, even if we are unhappy about the security situation there? I understand it's a hypothetical, but it's at least possible.

McCAIN: Well, if that scenario evolves, then I think it's obvious that we would have to leave because-- if it was an elected government of Iraq-- and we've been asked to leave other places in the world. If it were an extremist government, then I think we would have other challenges, but I don't see how we could stay when our whole emphasis and policy has been based on turning the Iraqi government over to the Iraqi people.

Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki is calling Obama's 16-month timetable for Iraq as preferable and desirable, while McCain has separately called for a 100 year US presence in Iraq, if needed.

Will John McCain continue to oppose Obama's timetable now that the Iraqi government is expressing a preference for that over McCain's extended presence scenario?

So far, John McCain has gone quietly forward, ignoring the fact that he now stands in direct opposition to what he said in 2004.

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Comments (2)


McSame is in the same pockets that Shrub and Chenny is. So what else is he going to say.

Roughly 80% of Americans want us out of Iraq. At least Obama is saying send the troops to Afgan, where the real war should have been fought from day one.

But so many people have gotten caught up in ODS, he would never do anything correctly right for them.

Our next President has some serious problems to solve, and in doing something to solve those problems, some people will be pissed off.

McSame will continue the Shrub's way, and we will have some more serious problems.

But truth be known, neither one of them is worth a damn, but Obama might do something, and we know McSame won't.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

That "unknown" factor could be Obama's downfall.

McCain is the "devil you know" which some folks might prefer to the devil you don't know....

I still believe Clinton, in the final analysis, would have been stronger against McCain than Obama come November, but we've got Obama and I'll fight for the guy.

The fight, with McSame as the opposing force, is a cakewalk. McCain is a senile old fart who will tell as many lies as he needs to tell to win, and people will see right through him by November... and as long as the young vote turns out as they should, they'll put Obama over the top big time.


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