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McCain's Senility Showing Again

Poor old John McCain . How embarrassing. I'm waiting for the day he shows up for a press conference having forgotten to put on his pants that morning - and there he stands, with his "Depends" on and everything just hanging out...

So what did the old fart do today? Duck and run, then attempt to rewrite history:

Republican John McCain pushed back on Wednesday against Democratic criticism that he misstated when the troop buildup ordered by President Bush began, saying elements were put in place before Bush announced the strategy in early 2007.

He told reporters during an unscheduled stop in a super market that, what the Bush administration calls "the surge" was actually "made up of a number of components," some of which began before the president's order for more troops.

It's all a matter of semantics, he suggested.

McCain said Army Col. Sean MacFarland started carrying out elements of a new counterinsurgency strategy as early as December 2006.

So the surge John McCain claims Barack Obama was wrong for opposing isn't the surge announced by Bush that started in February, 2007, and opposed by Obama after all - no sirrreee. John McCain's "surge" began several months earlier, well before it was called a surge... and, uhm, well before Obama mentioned any opposition.

I see.

Looks like the "straight talk express" has jumped the tracks again.

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Comments (6)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, I have but a few minutes, but the 'Anonymous Liberal'` blogger raises another interesting point....

Which brings us to the other obvious flaw in McCain's definitional gimmick. If you define "the surge" as broadly as he does here, you can no longer claim that Barack Obama opposed it. Obama, of course, has never been opposed to the use of more effective counter-insurgency tactics in Iraq. Indeed, from the moment Obama arrived in the Senate in 2004, he criticized the Bush administration for failing to appreciate that it was dealing with an insurgency and adopting appropriate counter-insurgency techniques. For example, in this 2005 speech Obama argued that we need to "focus our efforts on a more effective counter-insurgency strategy and take steam out of the insurgency."
Lee Ward:

Yeah, he makes the same point I tried to make.

John McCain has painted himself into a corner again.

It's scary that the old fart is not thinking these things through before he opens his big yapper.

Knee-jerk Republicans - don't you love 'em!


Bush's "Surge" was an extension of and exploitation of the methods used by Col MacFarland. It was working in a small area so they felt confident it would work in all of Iraq, but would require more troops.

McCain was one of those who persuaded Bush that MacFarland's tactics were good.

At least McCain didn't say there were 57 states, like Obama.

Lee Ward:

No, the senile old windbag has had several Alzheimer's moments on national television instead, like the time McCain said:

Speaking to reporters in Amman, the Jordanian capital, McCain said he and two Senate colleagues traveling with him continue to be concerned about Iranian operatives "taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back."

Pressed to elaborate, McCain said it was "common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that's well known. And it's unfortunate." A few moments later, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, standing just behind McCain, stepped forward and whispered in the presidential candidate's ear. McCain then said: "I'm sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaeda."

Now you can choose to believe that Harvard grad Barack Obama doesn't know how many states are in the US, or you can choose to believe senile old McCain doesn't know the difference between al-Qaeda and extremists.... but which is more likely?

Steve Crickmore:

Lee..I can`t recall a national party candidate making so many foreign policy gaffes..And foreign policy is supposed to be McCain's strong suit over Obama. He seems just as confused about Iraq`s northern border with Pakistan? as his confused about the Iraqi Sunni relationship with Iran and today he seemed to have forgotten Canada was a foreign country when he made a major speech there last month, since he has criticiszed Obama for making his Berlin speech outside of the USA.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

re: forgetting his Canada speech -- that's precisely the kind of Alzheimer's moments that I'm seeing with McCain.

I don't think he's capable of making decisions. He seems addled and confused - and that's another good example. Of course he remembers he made a speech in Canada -- but he doesn't realize the contradiction he's posing - he's not connecting the dots, and looks extremely weak-minded in that regard.


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