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Nanny State Ninnys Wrong Again

One of the incessant whines from the right is over what they like to call the "nanny state" -- government regulation that encroaches on "their" rights. Rights such as the right to eat as much trans fat as they want in New York City, or the right to smoke cigarettes anywhere and anytime they want.

Today's news out of Washington should give them pause to reconsider - the bailout of Fannie May and Freddie Mac is now going to cost U.S. taxpayers $300 Billion, and I suspect that price tag will rise. One expert yesterday put a one trillion dollar taxpayer price tag on this debacle once it's all sorted out.

Government oversight could have prevented this -- but no-no - the government ain't gonna tell these rubes that they shouldn't borrow as much as they want... nope - ain't no government gonna prevent them from making stupid mistakes. Too bad the rest of us have to pay the price tag on that, rather than have intelligent oversight up front.

Given that these same "conservatives' (what a laughable term that has turned out to be) have backed the trillions of dollars wasted on a phony "Global War on Terror," it's easy to see how far off the tracks the "conservative" choo-choo has gone.

A government which would say "no" to gas guzzling SUVs, and one that forced U.S. automakers to build more fuel-efficient automobiles is, in retrospect, something that should have been done back when global domination was just a gleam in little Dick Cheney's bloodshot eyes - but no again -- ain't no gummenint gonna restrict their access to $30,000 pickup trucks that get 8 miles to the gallon. No sirree.

And once again, all of America pays the price.

They'll take food out of welfare childrens mouths, but expect all of us to pay for their stupid Republican mistakes.

And now this:

Ford Motor Co. posted the worst quarterly performance in its history Thursday, losing $8.67 billion in the second quarter.

The company also said it will retool two more North American truck and sport utility vehicle plants to build small, fuel-efficient vehicles, and it announced plans to bring six new small vehicles to North America from Europe by the end of 2012.

2012 is about 8 years later than it should have been. The instant GWB yelled "Charge!" regulations should have gone into place requiring more fuel-efficient vehicles in order to reduce our dependence on mid-east oil. It was war - and a wartime effort was needed. Americans would have gladly risen to the occasion, and would have made sacrifices.

Today we have $5 a gallon gasoline and record oil company profits instead, and every-day Americans are paying dearly. Some - a lot in fact -- will pay with the loss of their jobs.

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Comments (13)

You're right, as usual Lee. Government oversight surely would have prevented this. Just like welfare has ended poverty, gun control has stopped gun crimes, drug enforcement has stopped drug sales & over-doses deaths and the department of education has created the best educational system in the world (of which you are clearly a beneficiary thereof).

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

If the incompetent Republicans in the Bush administration had been on the ball then banking oversight would have been in place that would have prevented this, absolutely.

But that isn't the Republican way - the Republican way os to let the marketplace decide - then have the taxpayers pay billions to bail out the failures.

Meanwhile the fat cats got rich off of this... and those same fat cats will pay less tax on their filthy lucres thanks to Republicans.

Wow - your insight is amazing. The firm republican control over the white house and congress for the last 28 years have surely prevented congress from doing anything about this sooner. I'm sure you can't wait until 1/20/09 when the much smarter democrats finally win control of both congress and the white house. It'll be 1976 all over again and then this sort of stuff will NEVER happen again...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The Republican-controlled Congress did indeed do nothing - and it was only after the Democrats took over in 2006 that new CAFE fuel-efficiency standards were raised.

And yes, I can't wait until 2009, when our country will begin the process of regaining the greatness it once had before conservative dinosaurs ruled the land.


It is not and SHOULD NOT be the responsibility of "the government" to dictate how Ford should retool its plants. Ford realizes the Excursions won't sell anymore and they're adjusting.

It also is not and SHOULD NOT be the responsibility of the government to provide a bailout to any industry - be it real estate, banking, or the airlines. Any other entity would shut down if their business wasn't viable, period. If banks were stupid enough to grant loans to people who clearly couldn't afford them, or failed to conduct any due diligence on their applicants, then that's THEIR problem. Not the government's and surely not mine.

People who applied for said loans should have known better as well.

This endless search for someone to blame - Dubya, speculators, Dubya, the Senate Banking & Finance Committee, Dubya, and Lee Ward, is ridiculous. Take responsibility, people.

responsibility != liberals.

It's ALWAYS someone elses fault.

Peter F.:

How you manage to connect the Freddie and Fannie, the GWOT, CAFE standards, "global domination", Ford, gas prices, and actually believe you're making sense, is perhaps the greatest schizophrenic gobbledy-goo, wildly uneducated and uncontrolled pieces of spittle ever. About the only accurate thing you say here is:

....it's easy to see how far off the tracks the "conservative" choo-choo has gone.

Spoken directly from experience.

Ray H.:

Always worth a good laugh to read a Lee Ward writen article. Incoherent rants trying to blame everyone besides democrats who I'm sure have had absolutely not power what-so-ever to attempt to regulate industry.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Always worth a good laugh to read a Lee Ward writen article. Incoherent rants trying to blame everyone besides democrats who I'm sure have had absolutely not power what-so-ever to attempt to regulate industry."

I'm not trying to blame "everyone", I'm squarely blaming the Republican administration that should have provided oversight of the banking industry during the well-known and well-publicized sub-prime mortgage crisis that developed over the last several years during the Bush administration's watch.

Ray H.:

Sorry for the typo's, that's why I normally just sit back and read the articles, but Lee, you blame republicans for everything and do it in a way that makes you sound like a crazy man. But in this instance, come on, we have a government system that has checks and balances. Blaming Bush for everything when the Dems in Congress could have stepped up and said something just as easily is ridiculus. Everyone was making money off the housing boom and I'm sure, if someone would have stepped in and regulated something going so well, there would have been a huge uproar from everyone. Get over yourself, everyone, on both sides, can be blamed for the situation we're in now.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ray -- Oversight of the banking industry falls upon the administration, specifically the Treasury department through the Office of Thrift Supervision. It's isn't up to Congress, but falls squarely on Treasury.

Treasury works for Bush. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson answers to Bush.

The buck stops at Bush, like it or not.

Ray H.:

That is true Lee, but congress can demand that things be looked into even when it's not within their scope. If someone else thought something was wrong they would have said something. But that didn't happen. There is plenty of blame to go around for both democrats and republicans.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sure - like Katrina -- Congress can hold hearings and demand to know why Bush's FEMA f*cked up so badly - there's always that.

Actually, there is a growing chorus of dissent in Congress right now over the ineptitude of Bush's FDA, so we may see congressional action there as well, but always expecting Congress to fix the Republican incompetence is the wrong answer, and it tends to lag behind the problem.

The problem and responsibility lies with the administration. Congress shouldn't have to do the White House's job.


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