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The Growing Anti-Conservative Movement Among U.S. Young

[Updated: O'Reilly responds (See below)]

More, growing evidence of the extent to which the nation is turning their backs to the same old politics of old, Rapper Nas is leading a grassroots movement among college students against conservative mouthpiece Fox News. In one week he was able to gather over 600,000 signatures on a petition.

No surprise here -- Fox News refused to accept the petition.

Nas' main concern about Fox News is that the network is ruthlessly shaming Barack and Michelle Obama with a string of racist slip-ups. College students all over the country are supporting Obama and will not submit to Fox's ignorant bias. The proof is in the college-network pudding. Over a million Facebook users have "friended" Barack Obama and the MtvU has reported on the issue calling the petition "activism" and scoffing at Fox News' supporters.

John McCain's Facebook page hasn't been updated in 6 months, and McCain's website is peppered with ridiculously archaic imagery meant to appeal to the geriatric crowd, and it's creating laughable imagery for America's young.

Nas has also produced a music video to go with his recent release of a song titled "Sly Fox," that condemns Fox's bias.

Nas also made an appearance on The Colbert Report to discuss the petition and perform "Sly Fox", a song lovingly dedicated to his favorite news channel. To college students, Stephen Colbert is a demi-god of sorts - many students looking to him for their news. So kudos to Nas for chatting with Colbert, he just gained about a gazillion more petition signers!

Update: BIll O'Reilly responds:

Bill O'Reilly took it upon himself to respond to accusations of his network being racist, via his "The O'Reilly Factor" show Wednesday night, saying the protestors were "zombie followers."

While O'Reilly responded, Nas was appearing on "The Colbert Report" to perform his track "Sly Fox," in which the rapper lashes out at Fox News.

On Wednesday, political organizations, ColorofChange.org and MoveOn.org, took to the New York streets in front of Fox News' offices -- with Nas in tow -- to petition against what Nas called a "propaganda machine."

Nas and the two organizations are upset at several recent comments made on the network. During their protest they referenced how Fox referred to Michele Obama "Barack's baby momma," their portrayal of the fist bump that Barack and Michelle Obama shared they called a "terrorist fist jab," and Bill O'Reily's call for a "lynching party" for Michelle, who may one day in the near future become the First Lady.

O'Reilly, however, denies that he or Fox are racist, and went as far as to call MoveOn.org "the New Klan."

"Sly Fox" lyrics follow:

The sly Fox, cyclops
We locked in an idiot box
The video slots broadcast
The Waco Dividian plots
They own YouTube, MySpace
When this ignorant shit going to stop?
They monopolizing news
Your views
And the channel you choose
Propaganda, visual cancer
The eye in the sky, number 5 on the dial
Secret agenda, frequency antenna
Dr. Mindbender
Remote control soul
Your brain holder
Slave culture, game's over
What's a fox characteristic?
Slick shit, sensin', misinformation
Pimp the station, over-stimulation
Reception, deception
Comcast digital Satan
The Fox has a bushy tail
And Bush tells lies and foxtrots
So, I don't know what's real (what's real)

[ Chorus ]
Watch what you're watching
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking outside of the box
And unplugg from the Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say,
Big Brother is watching

Watch what you're watching
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking outside of the box
And unplugged from the Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say, Fox Five is watching

[ Nas ]
The Fear Factir that got you all riled up
O'Reilly? Oh really? No rally
needed, I'll tie you up
Network for child predators, setting them up
MySpace, pimps, hoes and sluts
[ Find more Lyrics at www.mp3lyrics.org/V2L8 ]
Y'all exploit rap culture,
then y'all flip on us
And you own the Post, and y'all shit on us
What is their net worth?
They're going to try to censor my next verse
Throw them off the roof neck first
While I'm clicking my cursor
Reading blogs about pressure
they put on Universal
It gets worse
While I'm clicking my mouse
While they kickin my house
They figured us out
Why a nigga go south?
It's either he caught a body
Don't sleep, they're watching
I watch CBS, and I see BS
Trying to track us down with GPS
Make a nigga want to invest in PBS

[ Chorus ]

[ Nas ]
They say I'm all about murder
murder and kill kill
But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?
What about Cheney and Halliburton?
The back door deals on oil fields?
How is Nas the most violent person?
Y'all wouldn't know talent if it hit you
Bringing up my criminal
possession charges with a pistol
I use Viacom as my firearm
Then let the lyrics split you,
who do you rely upon?
Then shoot shells at Leviathon
I'm dealing with the higher form
Fuck if you care how I write a poem
Only fox that I loved was the red one
Only black man that Fox love is
in jail or a dead one
Red rum, political bedlam
Don't let the hype into
your eyes and ear drum
Murdoch own fox
Not A-Team with Baracus
And he hates Barack cuz he
march with the marches

[ Deep voice outro ]
I pledge allegiance to the
fair and balanced truth
Not the biased truth
Not the liar's truth
But the highest truth

I will not be deceived
Nor will I believe in the propaganda
I will not fall for the okie-doke
I am tuned in...

[ Nas ]
Watch because they're watching
Watch what you're watching

Better watch because they're watching
Watch what you're watching

M-m-media, misleading you
Watch what you're watching

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Comments (9)


Quite a few young men and women did more than sign a petition: They enlisted in the military. And re-enlisted.

Did the 600,000 do any more than click a button? If you get a signature a minute for an 8-hour day, you get 480 signatures. So you'd need 1250 people to be out canvasing one day, or Rapper Nas was out canvassing for 1250 days. That's three and half years. But you'll never get 480 in a day.

It's easy to write a program to vote online a million times, you know.

I'm not claiming, by the way, that there's much good on the TV news channels.

Lee Ward:

"Quite a few young men and women did more than sign a petition: They enlisted in the military. And re-enlisted."

And the majority of them seem to favor Obama over McCain.

Those on the front lines, who aren't Bush-Butt kissing generals, seem to prefer Obama.

Imagine that...

John S:

Those of us who lived through liberalism's heyday during the disasterous 1960s and 70s are well aware that today's young will have to learn those lessons again. Four years of Obama should do it. Liberalism sounds great until you get out of college, get a real job, and then discover that the Obama adminstration wants 60% of your paycheck.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Actually, young voters remain loyal to their initial party choice for some time, so if Obama is successful in drawing young voters into the Democratic party, those voters will tend to continue to vote Democratic for several elections.


Lee, what's old is new - if you're new too I guess. John S is right. Been there, seen that.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

A large number of new voters only know a federal government run by Bush. What those new voters know is that they prefer Obama to McCain.

They may feel differently about the democratic party 7 years from now, but 7 years of George Bush has resulted in record new registrations for the Democratic party.

Feel free to predict the future - but the near future is more likely to be a blue world rather than red, because of George Bush. he got into office, the pissed on liberals and conservatives both. If you want to predict that Obama will alienate Democrats down the road if he gets into the white house that's fine, but there is nothing in his past or present to suggest that.


There's nothing in his past or present to suggest anything; other than campaign rhetoric, that is. Oh, maybe a few votes that weren't marked "present".

Lee, it's no secret that when young people first become politically aware that they largely identify with the Democratic Party; George Bush or no George Bush.

What are you going to do when he's no longer your boogeyman?


Fred, you stated that:
"Quite a few young men and women did more than sign a petition: They enlisted in the military."

Any idea how many were from the "yellow Elephants?" I'm sure not very many were. And would someone please explain how this war debt is going to be paid.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"What are you going to do when he's no longer your boogeyman?"

I'll join the majority of Americans who will cheer the day he leaves office, and from that point forward I will remind voters as often as needed just what a huge mistake it was to put Republicans in control of any branch of the U.S. government, and remind that of the travesties forced upon this country by the Bush/Cheney regime - doing so in the hope that we will never again have a president who trashes the Constitution in favor of big oil and the defense industry war machine.

How about you, Oyster? What will you do after George Bush leaves office and your country is run by the very liberal Barack Obama or the somewhat liberal John McCain? What will you do when the conservative movement is finally put out to pasture?


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