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John McCain Strikes It Rich!

The GOP (Grand Oil Party) is once again trying to help the oil industry down the road to riches, as if record profits they're seeing now and their own privatized army of contractors guarding oil concerns in the Middle East isn't reward enough...

With the millions upon millions of acres currently under oil company leases and not being explored, the current push by McCain for offshore drilling and opening up environmentally sites for exploration is nothing more than an oil company land grab.

John McCain is being rewarded for his oil-company friendly behavior. He doesn't deserve your vote.

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God forbid anyone help a US business. I hope you don't actually work for one of those.

Of course even if you are self employeed you are by definition a US business.

Business people are bad (unless they contribute to Democrats) ...

Community organizers are good ... (unless they are pro-life or pro-taxpayer or school choice organizers) ...

Wow, you guys really aren't smarter than a fifth grader ...

What a waste of blog real estate ...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Like the oil companies need help?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

By the way, you've hurled your last insult on this blog - you aren't interested in discussion or debate -- all we hear from you is name calling and insults -- and you were warned -- so you are booted, banned and thrown in the can. Jeff is outtahere.


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