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McCain's Cancerous Mistakes

Much talk these days about John McCain's latest cancer scare. It's on all of the news shows. With the constant, minute-by-minute monitoring the press applies to each of the two presidential candidates, the news of McCain's procedure to surgically remove a melanoma growth from his right cheek caught the press corps by surprise, setting off alarms and 'alarming' reports focusing on McCain's history of skin cancer.

In an effort to quiet the storm, McCain appeared on the Larry King Show (CNN) last night and attempted to address these concerns. In typical, bungling McCain fashion he only made matters worse. Here's the exchange that concerned me the most (emphasis mine):

Larry King: "Is it fair that voters should be concerned about your health though? I mean, you've had.... you've had four melanomas surgically removed. If not an issue, it's certainly a concern isn't it?"

John McCain: "I don't think so Larry, I mean... as I say, melanoma is something... if you look at it and you be careful it's fine. I had one (laughs)... I had one serious bout with it, and that was (laughs) frankly due to my own neglect, because I let it... I let it go and go and go. In fact (laughs), I was running for President at the time. I'm not making that mistake again."

Making that mistake once almost cost John McCain his life, and I wish him much success in controlling his current cancer going forward, but think about what McCain revealed in this interview.

His serious bout with cancer came about because of his own neglect. It was something that he "let it go and go and go..."

And it came at a time he was running or President. Here's a man who was so obsessed with gaining the Presidency that he ignored important, life-threatening issues that could have cost him the life and brought an abrupt end to his term in office.

Is this kind of neglectful, obsessive behavior what we expect from a President -- someone who's ambition blinds them to life-threatening matters? Someone who is so eager to serve that he puts himself in a dangerous position that could threaten his very ability to serve and succeed?

Not in my book. McCain risked failure and death, and he's demonstrated neglect in letting vitally important matters go when he knew he should have taken care of it.

Is this a mindful, thoughtful, careful approach towards this most important matter? No, absolutely not. It's a careless, stupid way of dealing with a life-threatening issue, and strongly suggests McCain is unsuitable for the office of President.

McCain assures that he won't make that mistake again. Once was enough, thanks to his good luck. America shouldn't roll the dice with John McCain again.

Everyone's asking "should we be concerned" over his current cancer? We should be concerned because this is John McCain, who in the past has demonstrated poor judgment in this area. He admits to his mistake, but confessing his past poor judgment doesn't absolve him of that poor judgment.

Update: Given the poor judgment indicated by McCain's willingness to let his previous cancerous growth run unchecked, his past efforts to highlight his judgment as a distinguishing characteristic indicating his fitness for office seems even more laughable.

"Seriously, can I say, right now, we need judgment," McCain said. "We need judgment. We live in a very, very dangerous and challenging world."

McCain's neglect in ignoring his cancer in 2000 was a sign of poor judgment, and John Kerry questions McCain's judgment today.

Sen. John Kerry believes that the presumptive Republican nominee for president is adhering to the Bush Administration orthodoxy in ways that call into question his carefully-nurtured image as a political maverick.

"John McCain has changed in profound and fundamental ways that I find personally really surprising, and frankly upsetting," the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts said on CBS' Face The Nation.

"This is a different John McCain. This is not the Senator John McCain; this is want-to-be president John McCain.

"And the result is that John McCain has flip-flopped on more issues than I was even ever accused possibly of thinking about! I mean, this is extraordinary what he's done: He's changed on taxes; he's now in favor of the Bush tax cut. If you like the Bush economy, if you like the Bush tax cut and what it's done to our economy, making wealthier people wealthier and the average middle class struggle harder, then John McCain is going to give you a third term of George Bush and Karl Rove.

McCain's latest flip-flop is on Affirmative Action, but let's not focus on the flip flops per se, let's look at the motives behind the flip flops in what Kerry describes as 'poor judgment."

What we're seeing today is precisely the same poor judgment over ambitious plans to become President that are evident in McCain's run for the presidency that resulted in the poor judgment and poor choices made in 2000.

McCain claims he's learned form his past mistakes, but that appears to be more lip service. McCain has shown that he's a man who is "dying to become President", literally.

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Comments (17)


Oh dear, JM is HUMAN, unlike the Godlike messiah. He put off worrying about a change in a melanotic lesion longer than he could have, and may have ended up with more surgery than he might otherwise have encountered. Of course, he LEARNED from his error and is not repeating it. So of course he shouldn't be president. How awful!

Any examples you can give me of Obama admitting a mistake and LEARNING from it?

If Obama is elected, will US voters survive the effects and learn in time to avoid being overcome?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Older Americans, like McCain, can fall into a trap of ignoring important health matters as they get on in years.

He says he's learned from his mistake, but I'd prefer a President who doesn't make stupid, life-threatening mistakes to begin with.


Like joining a racist church, hanging out with killers and being supported by Chicago political machine thugs? Yeah that's real safe for your health (and the health of others).

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

John McCain's admitted that his drive to become president has resulted in him using poor judgment.

You can deflect, ignore, slime and try to distract from this - but that is his own assessment.

I do certainly wish John McCain the very best in regards to his health which probably will be fine this time around with the latest skin cell removal and biopsy. But I simply question the judgement of McCain in way too many areas to recommend that he ever become president.

Barack Obama is a far better choice because he knows how to delegate responsibility to effective persons with his campaign or even manages to draw in important business figures like Warren Buffet to help to advise him on economics matters. Obama listens as well as delegates responsibilty far better than John McCain has ever proven. Obama is the safe choice for president compared to the eratic and sometimes poor judgements of John McCain.


LOL, thanks for the laughs Paul and Lee.



you are absolutely right, Obama has shown that his ability to choose associates and staff has been outstanding. From Rev. Wright and Pflger to Mr. Rezko and Bill Ayers his uncanny ability to choose the very best people to give him advice simply astonishes mere mortals. He sees past the racist hate filled sermons, the shady land deals and the unrepentent terrorist pasts to see the "good" in these men.


Obama needs several years of real work and experience before he's even an empty suit. As it is he's not currently qualified to even be called anything besides a liar and a political opportunistic cynic.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Obama out campaigned Clinton, who had the best in the biz, and he's outshined the rubes in the McCain camp so far as well.

The results speak for the themselves. McCain continues to lag behind big time against "an empty suit" -- what does that tell you?



Keep 'em coming Lee!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

This is your first, last and only warning, epador.

Feel free to disagree, but your petty little insults don't have a place here.


Well, lets see, if you have no sense of humor as well as no sense of reality, feel free to ban me from your universe, if it helps your poor bruised little ego. You've dissed a man who admits he made a mistake and won't repeat it, one that threatened his life and well being. Certainly beyond your capabilities of comprehension.

Good bye Wizbang Blue.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

And the ambition that drove McCain isn't there now? There's lots of signs of McCain selling his soul to the devil to get the presidency today. Look at the amazing flip-flops -- does he stand for anything?

One minute he's dead set against raising taxes, and in the next minute he's "not taking anything off the table" with regards to tax increases in order to bail out social security. When challenged, he flops back and says no tax increases.

So what McCain says means nothing - he'll say whatever he needs to say to get elected.

"You've dissed a man who admits he made a mistake and won't repeat it"

We can't believe him.


My first "drop by" at WizBlue. Lee, you are still a joke. How about Obama using cocaine risking his life and supporting drug dealers who maim and kill? That isn't a serious fault and/or mistake? What is to say he doesn't go back to drugs?

One thing I have learned from living longer then you is that the press loves building people up just to tear them down. The pro Obama will eventually stop selling so they will have to change up the program, which means, start picking at every nuance. Watch and see. ww

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

GW Bush reportedly used cocaine and was an alcoholic -- and look at the mess he got us into -- hmm, I see your point.

The press has already turned against Obama, so I'm waiting for them to turn back -- sometime around October 15 would be nice.


The word reportedly is a whole lot different then "I did cocaine". Big difference. Keep selling the addict though, it will help. ww

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

GWB's alcoholism is legendary. Some have suggested that GWB's "choking on a pretzel" incident may have been alcohol related.

And we see a fundamental difference here. Obama admits that he tried cocaine. GWB hides his past use.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Here's more on the Bush Cocaine Chronicles.

It's a matter of integrity and honesty. Obama comes cleans and confesses his past use -- George W Bush hides and lies about it.


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