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Righty Trashing Obama

Another sicko right wing nutjob. Too funny....

If it wasn't for the media Barack Obama would be working in a car wash? He'd be shining shoes? Did this asshole really say that? Amazing....

Just another right wing racist.

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Have you seen the Paris Hilton ad. I wish she was older. She is better than either of the doofuses running now!!!!!


It isn't too hard to find racists, nutjobs, or psychopaths writing or making videos on the left, the right, or smack dab in the middle. It isn't "Amazing".

Nor is it "Amazing" the political types try to smear their opponents by using these degenerates. What's amazing is that you thought we'd fall for it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey look - now there's two assholes!

This guy says what John McCain and his campaign folks are thinking...


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