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Born To Be Really Wild

Las Vegas is indeed a wild city. And this reputation is now being further cemented with a wild new museum that has just opened up in the same state that once housed the great Harrah's Automobile Museum or other great historic displays such as Virginia, City. On August 3, the Erotic Heritage Museum opened it's doors to the public with a huge 24,000 square ft. display of the history of the erotic of all sorts including art exhibits, devices and vintage porn.

The claimed mission of the museum "is one of a passion to find erotic images, erotic art and artifacts that need to be saved. We are looking for these items from private collections. We are asking individuals and institutions to share their erotic heritage with us".

gailpalmer.jpgWho ever knew that the 1970's Gail Palmer betamax videotape that you used to sometimes play in your old Sony Betamax player from 70's era of "free love" as portrayed in the CBS drama, SWINGTOWN, would someday become a historical artifact ranking right up there with Egyptian pottery uncovered from some archaeological dig. But for some reason, it always seems that it is always the worst of pop culture trash that also becomes the most valuable.

A number of painters and other artists have already loaned or donated paintings or other materials for exhibit at this museum of the bizarre and absurd. And admiring patrons can view these displays for a $15 admission charge. And yes, there's a senior citizen discount, although I seriously doubt that many nursing homes will be organizing day field trips to this particular museum.

Interesting, five of the main organizers of this museum claim to be doctors or at least have a Ph.D of some sort. Yet, when I went to research the Grand Patron of this museum on Google, which is Dr. Harry Mohney, the only real credits I could find is that he produced the 1970's classic porn-comedy, THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY, starring DEEP THROAT costar Carol Connors.

Connors was memorable as the outrageous nurse in DEEP THROAT, but was even more outrageous in CANDY which parodied THE GONG SHOW and many other 70's events. Connors had actually appeared on THE GONG SHOW during 1976, and was even featured as a actress on the popular early 80's police motorcycle highway patrol TV series CHiPS as well. She was indeed one of the most outrageous 1970's to early 80's actresses around and always seemed to be able to find some work because of her larger than life personality and ability to play an absurd air-headed blond.

It is indeed strange to see that an entire museum related to the history of the controversial topic of the erotic would ever become an entire museum. But Las Vegas has long been home to yearly trade shows by the adult entertainment industry and along with the rough reputation of Vegas as a "sin city", it only seems fitting that some monument to this hedonist spirit would find a home in this wild city.

Nevada continues as the only state with legal brothels. And gamblers can lose their money 24/7 on slots or poker games in flashy casinos. Hotel patrons can watch huge stageshows with topless dancers. Nevada is indeed a state born to be very wild.

Las Vegas just found a wild new tourist lure.

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