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'Big Oil' and Christian Extremists Lose in Tennessee Primaries

I've been a bit perplexed by his course of action, but I guess John McCain can't help but do Big Oil's bidding. As the Republican presidential nominee it's his duty and honor to represent the interests of big oil as they continue their determined efforts to screw the American public. They don't call the GOP the "Grand Oil Party' for nothing.

Now, fortunately, there are signs that the continued GOP drumbeat of drill, drill, drill -- which is nothing more than a bald-faced land grab by oil companies who already are sitting on 68 million acres of oil land leases that they aren't exploring -- is apparently hurting those Republicans who are most closely identified with big oil interests.

And I'm not talking about Democrats and Independents pushing back against Big Oil Republicans... In this instance the loser is a big oil incumbent Republican in a deeply Republican 1st Congressional District primary in Northern Tennessee.

Being linked to "big oil" turned into a big problem for Tennessee Republican freshman Rep. David Davis, who became the first congressman from that state to lose in a primary in more than four decades.

Johnson City Mayor Phil Roe beat Davis by a 500-vote margin Thursday in the solidly Republican 1st District in the northeastern corner of the state.

Roe's victory came after a bruising campaign in which he accused Davis of selling out to "big oil."

Congressional incumbents from Tennessee are rarely voted out of office. Statewide, the last time an incumbent was defeated in a party primary was 1966 when Democrat Tom Murray lost to Ray Blanton in what was then the 7th District. Blanton won the general election then became governor in 1974.

John McCain has based the last several weeks of his campaign on promoting the interests of big oil. Given yesterday's primary results, it wouldn't be surprising to see the GOP backing off from their shameless promotion of oil interests for a while.

The race became increasingly acrimonious as the primary election neared. Roe ran a TV ad accusing Davis of selling out to "Big Oil" by accepting money from industry PACs and backing legislation supporting offshore drilling.

During the last month of the campaign, gas prices in the district hit a record high of $3.94, according to figures from AAA.

Davis countered with radio ads denying he "pocketed" oil money, accused Roe of deceptive campaign practices and said "the voters of East Tennessee deserve better."

John McCain pocketed millions and millions of donations in the last month or so as he promoted offshore drilling

Elsewhere in Tennessee, in the Democratic primary race for the 9th Congressional District seat in Memphis formerly held by Harold Ford, Jr., Christian extremism rose to the surface.

cohen_flyer.jpgThe TV ad above is mild compared to this blatantly anti-semitic, outrageous flyer distributed in support of Tinker's candidacy. A second TV ad produced by Tinker's campaign which juxtaposed images of Cohen with hooded KKK images was quickly removed from the Tinker campaign website after being roundly denounced by Barack Obama and others.

The good news is that incumbent Steve Cohen won handily yesterday, indicating that Tennessee voters at least are rejecting the divisive political tactics used by Christian extremists and race-baiters so successfully in past campaigns.

One of the 'swing states' identified by the Democratic Party and Obama campaign staff as being pivotal is North Carolina, and as this recent post and the GOP TV ad embedded below both illustrate, racist sentiment is certainly alive and well in the Tar Heel state.

That Obama guy, he's just too black for North Carolina... according to the North Carolina GOP.

It'll be interesting to see whether the racists and Christian extremists in that state follow the lead of their brethren in Tennessee now that there are signs of voter pushback.

Obama's call for change seems to be catching on, and meanwhile there's John McCain kissing the butts of big oil. What a surprise...

Related: The nice folks at Tennessee's GOP were spanked by the RNC back in February of this year after they went renegade on Barack Hussein Obama's ass early on in the primary process, before Obama had locked down the win.

The Republican National Committee this afternoon scolded the Tennessee Republican Party over their use of "Barack Hussein Obama" in an official press release and warned the state party that they will be denounced by the national committee if they use the Democrat's middle name again, said a GOP official close to the RNC.

"The RNC has notified the Tennessee GOP that they do not support or agree with their approach," said this source, requesting anonymity to discuss the private conversation between a staffer in the national committee's political department and a top aide at the state party. "If they don't refrain from doing so again, they will be publicly repudiated by the Republican National Committee."

They couldn't wait until Obama nailed the nomination before starting their racist attacks -- in Tennessee they were foaming at the mouth back in February.

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Comments (6)


And the countdown has started with how long WizbangBlue will ignore the Edwards story. You must have all gotten the memo from the L.A. Times. Good work on focusing on the news coming out of Tennessee guys!


Another good Democrat cheats on his wife, WHO HAS CANCER, by the way, and (doesn't?) father a child by the paramour. This is OK, because he, like all true democrats, believe that his private life should not be the topic. He, being a democrat, cannot be challanged for any personal foibles.
If he were a republican, how high would you liberals "hoist him by his own petard", as it were?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

And the countdown has started with how long WizbangBlue will ignore the Edwards story."

Well since more than 20 minutes have passed since you commented, nehemiah, you must have stopped counting by now, having run out of fingers and toes....

"If he were a republican, how high would you liberals "hoist him by his own petard", as it were?"

About as high as Wizzbang classic would hoist him if he were a Republican, ckg...


back to the posting...lee, did you hear: obama has received more money from employees of the big three oil companies than mccain has. how does that fit into your narrative?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

employees of the big three oil companies? Of course, working Americans in all industries prefer Obama over McCain.

ABC reported this and the wingnuts have gone bonkers:

McCain has received three times more money from the oil industry in general -- $1.3 million for McCain compared to approximately $394,000 for Obama. But that said, Obama has received more campaign cash than McCain has from the employees of some of the biggest oil companies -- Exxon, Chevron and BP.

Which candidate has been promoting drill, drill, drill..? - John McCain. It's not surprising then that the working folks everywhere prefer Obama.


so when obama gets oil employee money, it's from the hard working folks. but when mccain gets oil employee money it's from the evil corporation? you are pathetic in your partisan delusions, Lee.

what makes you think that working folk everywhere prefer obama? i can think of lots of areas where "working folks" prefer mccain to obama.

and what exactly do you mean by "working folks" anyways? are you trying to say that if you make more than a certain amount of money, then any political contribution you make is wrong?


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