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John McCain Backs Anti-Affirmative Action Arizona Ballot Measure

John McCain's two-faced campaign for president continues to take on more hypocritical turns as McCain has voiced support for a ballot measure in Arizona that will strip away any affirmation protections for a share of positions in education or other areas to be set aside for women or minorities while continuing to court the Urban League and other minority organizations for votes. Currently Arizona has a state program that encourages that 10% of state highway spending should include women or minority contractors. But for McCain 10% must be too much.

The Arizona ballot measure is a controversial measure authored by right wing African American Ward Connerly who was known as a close associate of former California Governor Pete wilson. Connerly is best known for spearheading a similar anti-affirmative action measure in California. Yet, Connerly represents just the type of African American the political right likes to use to do their dirty work. They know that if they pull for some of their racist nonsense causes it only creates a reaction by some voters, so they find some willing puppet like Connerly to hide behind.

McCain no doubt likes to throw his support around some measure like this when he can claim that it supported by an African American, although Connerly hardly represents the political views of the vast majority of most American Americans with most issues he supports. It gives McCain some political cover for a long career of votes seen as racist by many voters including a pattern of opposition to civil rights legislation and opposition to the Martin Luther King holiday bill.

Same old McCain. Same old racism.

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In the 21st century, supporting affirmative action is in itself racist. Are you suggesting that minorities can't succeed without help? Ridiculous.


Calling yourself African American is racist itself. Why are they trying to separate themselves? If you are born in this county, you are by birthright an American.

Since I am not political correct, I would like to know how many black American's, who call them selves African American, were actually born in Africa.

What about white skinned people who are from Africa living here? They can also correctly call themselves African Americans.

But commenting on your post, yes McSame is probably a racist. And the percent of people being racist isn't limited to white skin people. Everyone is prejudiced about some one, some thing, etc. Don't like veggies, well that makes you prejudiced against all veggies.

And the King holiday was opposed by the majority of people living in AZ. Not because King was black, but because the state had too many paid holidays for the workers, and people said no more holidays. So they dropped one holiday and then changed that day for Kings holiday.

And yes, the GOP does have their token "blacks" to spew out the garbage, that has always been well known.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Calling yourself African American is racist itself."

So me calling myself an Irish-American is racist?

Naw, I don't think so.


Lee, if you said you were American of Irish decent, then no that is not being racist.

But seeing you said you were an Irish-American, yes you are being a racist, unless you were born in Ireland, and then became a US citizen.

If you are born in this country, you are first an American, then what ever you want to tack onto after American is up to you.


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